Purpose-driven Video Wall Placement

Purpose-driven Video Wall Placement

If you need to construct a video wall with the fewest bezels possible and the wall will likely be viewed from a maximum distance of 10-15 feet, then large-format 4K UHD displays (84”-104”) may be the best fit for your installation. In contrast, if a customer wants to use smaller monitors and the planned viewing distance is greater than 15 feet from the wall, then 1080p displays may be a more cost-effective choice.

Purpose-drive video wall placement

Most control room applications typically involve workstations located a specific distance from a central video wall, so the viewing distance/display size guidelines can help you choose what kind of a wall is most appropriate for your system. Keep in mind that RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall V and Galileo processors can configure a range of resolutions for display on either 4K UHD or 1080p HD video walls.

Notable Exceptions

Some video wall applications are exceptions to the guidelines listed above, because they often require close-up inspection of ultra-high resolution imagery. These applications include:

  • Medical imaging
  • Simulation modeling for oil and gas exploration
  • Manufacturing inspection systems
  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Megapixel surveillance

In these cases, where short viewing distances are mandated, the highest resolution displays should be employed, and 4K UHD processing equipment such as the MediaWall V or Galileo display processor is the logical choice.

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