XtendView FiberDVI Extender

Transmit DVI Signals up to 400m (1300ft) on a Single Fiber

RGB Spectrum’s XtendView® FiberDVI extenders are a compact, long range signal extension solution that transmits data up to 1300 feet (400m) over a single strand of fiber optic cable.

Extends DVI signals up to 1300 ft (400m) on a single fiber
Compact "all-in-the-headshell" design
HDCP 1.4 compliant
Video, EDID and HDCP on a single fiber
Supports HDMI® with embedded audio
Transmitter is pin power capable
External power supplies included
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The XtendView system consists of transmit (TX) and receive (RX) plug-in endpoints fitted with industry-standard SC jacks for easy connection of fiber cables. The endpoints' innovative "all-in-the-headshell" system uses miniaturized electronics that fit entirely within the DVI connector housing, eliminating the need for external boxes and cables and greatly simplifying installation. XtendView TX/RX endpoints are compatible with all RGB Spectrum wall processors, multiviewers, switchers, and AV devices from other manufacturers.

XtendView endpoints feature an integrated data channel that supports real-time EDID pass-through and HDCP. EDID and HDCP data are combined with the video, so only a single fiber is required. XtendView endpoints also support embedded audio in HDMI® signals.

For further convenience and installation ease, XtendView TX endpoints may be powered externally or through pin power.

Fiber optic cable is ideal for transmitting DVI signals over moderate to long distances because it is lightweight, secure, and immune to EMF and RFI interference. Different cable types, such as plenum-rated and armored, are widely available for special security requirements. Fiber is the preferred solution for mission-critical applications that require the highest level of security.

XtendView FiberDVI extenders are a high performance, elegant, and cost effective solution for signal distribution, for both small-scale and large-scale installations.

Model: Tx and Rx Endpoints
Technical Specifications
Pixel Clock
25 to 165 MHz
Power: TX Endpoint
Pin-power or external supply
Power: RX Endpoint
External supply
Up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152
HDCP Compliant
DVI-D, SC, Power
5 VDC @ 0.5 amp
Optical Fiber
Fiber Type
Multimode 50 μm or 62.5 μm
Number of Fibers
1312 ft/400 m with OM3 or better
Dimensions (W x H x D)
0.58 x 1.58 x 3.58 in (1.47 x 4.02 x 9.09 cm)
> 0.2 lbs/74 gm