4K Signal on 2K HD Displays

4K Signals on 2K HD Displays

If you elect to build a video wall out of 2K HD displays, does a 4K UHD processor still have value? Absolutely. Typically, a variety of input signals feed into a video wall processor, and these images may be spread out across multiple monitors. The pixel density of the input determines how large the image can be expanded, without negatively impacting the clarity of the original image.

4K to 2K HD display wall

For example, a 24-monitor video wall comprised of 2K HD (1920x1080) displays offers a total of 50 million pixels — enough real estate to display six 4K input signals at full resolution. The lower pixel density of the monitors means that 4K UHD signals can be expanded across more monitors, while still maintaining native image quality. This use case is particularly relevant for “large wall” installations that require finely detailed imagery to be displayed (e.g., multi-megapixel surveillance, satellite telemetry, industrial control applications, and geospatial modeling).

By using 4K UHD inputs, customers have the pixel density required to configure large windows on a large wall, regardless of whether that wall is built with 2K HD or 4K UHD displays.

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