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Feb 23, 2024
What does the future hold for mission-critical technologies in utilities, and how can AV tech support utilities in navigating these challenges? This pivotal question forms the core of the latest episode on Experts Talk, hosted by Ben Thomas, Head of Pro AV & Integrated Tech Partnerships at MarketScale. Joining the conversation are Chris Carver from Hexagon SIG and Courtney Mamuscia from RGB Spectrum.
Feb 6, 2024
Scott D. Norder from RGB Spectrum presents Zio, an AV-over-IP platform that harnesses advanced software to bring source content to operators more efficiently.
Oct 12, 2023
International Security Journal
Port and maritime security have become more critical in today's rapidly evolving world. With the increasing volume of global trade and transportation, the challenges associated with monitoring operations, ensuring the safety of personnel and cargo and preventing illicit activities such as drug trafficking and explosives smuggling have become complex and multifaceted. To address these challenges, innovative solutions are required to facilitate better collaboration, integration of disparate systems and streamlined operations...
Jul 6, 2023
Security Journal Americas
Video solutions provider RGB Spectrum has installed its video wall processor for the command and control center at the Port of Valparaiso, the second busiest Chile port. According to the company, an upsurge in cruise and freight activity made it imperative that the port significantly enhance real-time monitoring of operations, including loading and unloading ships and detection of drugs and explosives, to enhance the ability of personnel to identify potential issues and respond rapidly and effectively.
May 31, 2023
AV Network
On Situational Awareness with RGB Spectrum's COO Scott Norder. Learn how humans and situational awareness tech can complement each other to improve decision-making and public safety—empowering first responders and operations center staff to say, "Let me share that with you."
May 26, 2023
rAVe Pubs
RGB Spectrum has announced new Zio D2100 Series H.264/H.265 decoders. The new decoders are compact, full-featured units designed for critical IP signal distribution. Like the D2000 decoders they replace, the Zio D2100 Series decoders are available in 2K and 4K models with 4k60 output.
Mar 29, 2023
Security Today
Security Today magazine has announced the 2023 winners in The Govies Government Security Awards competition and RGB Spectrum gets GOLD in Monitoring Solutions for our Zio Video-over-IP Platform.
Mar 27, 2023
Security Industry Association
Critical decision making requires access to information. Organizations rely on data visualization to present a common operating picture for more efficient assessment, faster analysis and improved responses...
Jan 8, 2023
AV Network
It was while working on his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at Columbia University that Bob Marcus realized he was more interested in management than engineering...
Nov 10, 2022
Industry Era
Let's get to know the man responsible for daily operations and ongoing strategy at RGB Spectrum. Meet Scott Norder, the Chief Operating Officer. He is the co-worker we all want, the leader we hope to be someday, the partner who will stand next to you.



The State of Networked AV

This webinar—featuring RGB Spectrum COO, Scott Norder—addresses challenges in leveraging AV/IT solutions such as existing infrastructure and AV equipment, how to overcome interdepartmental resistance and planning for future integrations.