Networked KVM Control


An operator’s console typically accommodates multiple computers, each with its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse, an arrangement that can adversely affect focus and reaction time. These limitations create a compelling need for improvement.

RGB Spectrum's XtendPoint KVM-over-IP system delivers a KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) solution connecting multiple users with controllable systems - with improved workflow and ergonomics.

KlickSimple™ navigation across multiviewer displays gives the feeling of operating a single computer rather than multiple PCs.

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networked KVM

Here are six reasons why you should switch to RGB Spectrum’s XtendPoint KVM.

Elevated User Experience

XtendPoint offers a better user experience, giving users the impression of operating a single computer rather than several. It replaces multiple displays, keyboards, and mice with 1- or possibly 2-large format multiviewers operated by a single keyboard and mouse, with easy-to-use navigation across and between displays.

Reduced Workspace Noise, Clutter, and Heat

Allowing you to transfer computers from the desk to the IT closet, XtendPoint reduces clutter, heat, and noise at the operator’s console while making it easier to manage IT operations and enhance security.

Sharing and Collaboration

XtendPoint matrixed KVM solution allows all inputs to be viewed and controlled simultaneously by operators, supervisors, and trainers.

Failure Mitigation

In the event of a computer failure, users can switch to a spare PC imaged identically.

Remote, Back Up, and Home Use

With XtendPoint, all source computers can be available via a LAN, WAN, or VPN to a remote site, even a home office.

System Integration and Scalability

XtendPoint allows easy integration with other systems, including video walls. And it is easily scalable to include other stakeholders, local or remote.


Shorten Your Emergency Response

RGB Spectrum, Contra Costa County EOC, Elk Grove Police Dept, and Orange County Sheriff's Dept share insights on leveraging advanced technology for public safety.