Video Wall Processors

A Range of Solutions for Multi-Window Displays

Our video wall processor products enable the display of multiple sources across projector screens, video walls, or a display wall. With big data getting bigger every day, visualizing a variety of content and sharing information for collaborative analysis means it's crucial to choose the display system that best meets your needs.

Our range of video wall display processors provide unsurpassed reliability, versatile capabilities, and user-friendly features:

  • Zio® processors include expanded capabilities for decoding IP streams to display on a video wall.
  • Galileo processors are designed around a PC-based architecture with video inputs and IP decodes up to 4K UHD resolution.
  • The MediaWall® V processor offers up to 4K resolution I/O and fully-scalable windows. An optional accessory supports video walls that require 4K 60Hz output.
Video Wall Controllers/Processors

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