Video Wall Processors


Our video wall processors enable the display of multiple sources across video walls of projectors, LCD monitors, or LED panels.

With big data getting bigger every day, visualizing content and sharing it for collaborative analysis makes it crucial to choose a system that meets your needs. A video wall must have the flexibility and power to perform its purpose. We make several to choose from.

Our video walls can produce beautiful and spectacular pictures to dazzle, entertain and inform. They are found in venues from corporate lobbies, to museums, conference rooms, lecture halls and hospitality suites. We do more, too. To meet the exacting needs of mission-critical environments, our video processors offer a full array of local, virtual, and IP inputs, with low latency and 24/7 reliability. We specialize in control rooms and ops centers for security, defense, and public safety need – the NOC (network operations center), SOC (security operations center), TOC (tactical operations center), EOC (emergency operations center), RTCC (real-time crime center), RTIC (real-time info center), GSOC (global security operations center, PSAP (public safety answering point/ 911 center) - venues where second best is not a sensible option.

Our video wall processing has been designed to be paired with any type of display technology you prefer - LCD monitors, LED modules, and projectors - from any manufacturer that adheres to industry standards. With three video wall processor architectures to choose from plus the world of display alternatives, you can find the right solution for your needs.

We offer display processors that are flexible and scalable. They can power up to three video walls or auxiliary displays from a single chassis. A configurable card cage offers choices of I/O to ensure a fit with current requirements plus provides a measure of futureproofing. And we offer integration with our Zio AV-over-IP platform. Want to mimic your video wall on a conference room monitor or at a remote facility or even on a mobile phone? We can distribute a mirror image of your video wall, or any part, or any input over a LAN, WAN, or telephone network.

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RGB Spectrum Video Wall Controllers/Processors
RGB Spectrum Video Wall Controllers/Processors
  • An unparalleled collaboration tool, allowing multiple decision-makers to share a common operating picture.

  • Any picture, any size, anywhere on the video wall.

  • Multi-user operation, with sequential control or arbitration between users.

  • Advanced features such as mirroring (aka mimicking) of a video wall for encoding and remote distribution.

  • KVM integration with the XtendPoint KVM-over-IP platform.


Zio® processors include full integration with the Zio AV-over-IP platform, with a common user interface for transmitting video, decoding IP streams for display and encoding an image of the video wall for remote distribution.


Galileo processors are designed around a PC-based architecture and can run Windows applications.


MediaWall® processors offer a secure Linux environment.

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