MultiPoint Enterprise

Enterprise-Level Control Room Management with Real-Time Capabilities

RGB Spectrum’s award-winning MultiPoint® Enterprise is an innovative hardware and software platform that integrates control of disparate systems over baseband video or IP (LAN/WAN). Designed for collaborative work environments, it allows operators to share keyboard/mouse (KVM) control of all integrated systems and resources.

System integration without custom software
Secure multi-user KVM control
Air-gapped security protects sensitive data from tampering, malware and viruses
Unified control of multiple applications
Drag and drop simplicity
Fully customizable capabilities

Our powerful control room management software can be customized by choosing from an extensive range of hardware components. When configured with RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V Display Processor, MultiPoint Enterprise supports a full range of inputs and outputs up to 4K/UHD resolution.

The MultiPoint Enterprise control room management system offers a number of benefits. Its hardware-based design creates an “air-gap” that separates operators from the system resources and keeps controlled systems separated from each other. Operator workstations are not directly networked to source systems, reducing the possibility of infection by malware or other viruses.

For multi-user environments, MultiPoint Enterprise offers sophisticated remote control & arbitration features that allow geographically-dispersed operators to share control of system resources. Administrators can configure the system to restrict operator access levels. To support collaboration, real-time display processing allows all operators to view the same video and graphic feeds at exactly the same moment, with no encoding delay or variation.

The MultiPoint Enterprise control room system provides operators with a highly-graphical control interface that is intuitive and streamlined. Offering live thumbnails and drag-and-drop capabilities, this interface makes it easy for operators to monitor and control all integrated systems.

With superb visualization & display capabilities, and support for collaborative decision-making, MultiPoint Enterprise is ideal for a range of mission-critical security and control room systems: command & control, debriefing centers, megapixel video surveillance, military reconnaissance, security operations center (SOC), emergency operations centers (EOCs), industrial/process control and SCADA system integration.

Our technical services team will work with you to custom-design a control room management & video wall solutions that are right for your project.

RGB Spectrum’s products are protected by the following patents: 7,893,941; 8,120,612 B2; 8,723,873 B2; 8,723,874 B2; 8,120,581; 8,184,065; 9,026,700 other patents pending.


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