Zio Multiviewers

Zio multiviewers decode and display multiple high-resolution video and computer IP streams on a single display screen.

XtendPoint Multiviewers

XtendPoint KVM offers single or double multiview monitors per operator station, under single mouse and keyboard control to replace as many as 8 individual monitors.

QuadView UHDx

A basic HDMI® quadviewer, the QuadView UHDx displays up to 4 sources on a single screen in customizable display layouts. KVM option available.

QuadView IPX/SuperView IPX

The QuadView IPX displays up to 4 signals on a single screen from a selection of baseband video and IP inputs, providing access to both local and remote content. The SuperView IPX offers up to 8 simultaneous displays on a single monitor.

Multi-window processors for single display screens

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