Classroom Collaboration, Campus Security and Digital Signage Solutions for Education

RGB Spectrum provides distance learning, display and collaboration solutions that enrich educational environments. Our products support multimedia displays, classroom collaboration, research data presentation, digital signage, distance learning, campus security and emergency management applications. They are found in classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, and school auditoriums, as well as in high-tech virtual classrooms.

In response to student safety concerns, our cost-effective surveillance control room solutions offer 24/7 reliability, ease-of-use, and simple operator control, which is why they are preferred by campus police, security operations centers and safety officers.

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Products & Solutions 

Video Walls

Video wall processors and multiviewers enable real-time, high-resolution display of multiple sources across video walls, projector screens, or a single monitor.

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Control Systems

Control room management solutions enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control of complex control room display systems.

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An embedded operating system and 24/7 reliability make our multiviewers ideal for use in operations centers, control rooms and other mission-critical applications requiring multi window display.

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Why Choose Us 

Scalable Systems

Scalable and versatile, our products support video walls of all sizes, from small-scale operations on a single display, to the largest multi-screen video walls in enterprise level projects.


Our intelligent display and control solutions allow video from different systems to be captured, switched, processed, composited, displayed, and controlled, all without the need for costly custom software.


Intuitive graphical user interfaces. Intelligent display of visual information. Single keyboard and mouse control of multiple devices.