Intuitive Controllers for Video Wall and Switcher Systems

RGB Spectrum's VIEW Controllers are a line of control solutions that simplify the operation of MediaWall® V systems. Offering a range of user-friendly features, the VIEW Controller's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to “drag and drop” sources to route them quickly for display. Live thumbnails of all sources provide visual aids for managing workflow. Real-time processing allows routing and window resizing changes to take effect immediately.

Integrated control of video wall processors and matrix switchers
Simple, “drag and drop” routing of any source to any output
Live thumbnails of all sources
Preset window layouts and routings
Sources organized by groups and categories
Sources easily scalable across video wall displays
Switched outputs organized into easily manageable display groups
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A VIEW Controller can take the place of costly and complicated third-party controllers. This is a key benefit because unlike such control systems, the VIEW Controller doesn’t require custom programming to allow it to control system components, making it both quick to implement and cost-effective.

To ensure security, administrators can set up access control based on user privileges and profiles that allow or restrict access to features. This enables a single VIEW control station to support accounts for multiple users with configurable levels of access.

The enhanced visual display and streamlined design of VIEW Controllers simplify operation and help minimize the training time required for operators to understand how to use the system.

The VIEW Controller for MediaWall V is a software-only solution to be installed on your PC (Windows® 7, Intel Core i5 or above, 4GB or greater RAM), and supports up to three operator control stations.

Combining interactive features with an intuitive interface, VIEW Controller offers an affordable yet highly integrated information management solution for RGB Spectrum’s video wall processor and switcher systems.