AV over IP Solutions

Enterprise-wide Video, Audio and Control

RGB Spectrum’s Zio® AV over IP technology offers video and audio distribution over any size network. Our intuitive and scalable networked video control system features powerful admin tools and an easy-to-use GUI with drag and drop functionality and live thumbnails.

Management & Control across LANs & WANs

Zio's powerful architecture is designed for bridging the gap from LAN to WAN allowing you to pull in content from around the campus and push content out to where it needs to go.

Mix live Video + Web-based Content

Our unique WebView feature allows web pages, tickers, analytics – anything displayed in a web browser – to be dragged and dropped into a window on the screen as easily as any encoded video stream.

Cross-platform Interoperability

Zio products are designed to interoperate across the growing networked AV landscape with a choice of platforms to fit your needs. From the reliability of an embedded processor to the flexibility of a PC-based platform to the cost-saving Decoder App for Smart Displays, our networked AV over IP distribution solutions offer the best value combined with the ease-of-use and security you need.

Zio LAN/WAN capabilities

See how Zio AV over IP products distribute video, audio and control signals over a network.


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