U.S. Regional Sales Managers

Thank you for contacting RGB Spectrum! We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

If you need faster assistance during U.S. business hours, you can call us at (510) 814-7000 or reach out to a Regional Sales Manager directly.

Chris Gagnon

Regional Sales Manager - Midwest U.S.
Phone: 734-673-5163

Dan Marcus

Vice President of Business Development; Regional Sales Manager California & Hawaii
Phone: 510-813-0007

Joseph Castay

Regional Sales Manager - Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Eastern Canada
Phone: +1 978-388-6506

Hector Medina

Regional Sales Manager - Latin America, Northwest, Southwest & Mountain U.S.
Phone: +1 510-263-0658

John Lee

Regional Sales Director - Southeast; Defense & Aerospace - North America
Phone: 407-810-5082