Scalable and Reliable Security Solutions

Security Video Wall Management for Surveillance Control Rooms

RGB Spectrum's security video wall solutions enhance situational awareness and improve collaboration, resulting in better decisions, faster. Scalable and versatile, our video wall processing systems support surveillance control rooms and command centers of any size, from single-operator stations to multi-site campuses.

Designed to operate with 24/7 reliability, our solutions are highly secure, cost effective, and easy to implement. That's why we're chosen for mission-critical applications such as public safety emergency operations centers (EOC) and enterprise-level security operations centers (SOC).

Why Choose Us 

System Security

Our hardware based solutions keep source computers and system resources separated from both operators and from each other. This “air-gapped” level of security protects sensitive data from external tampering and network threats like malware and viruses.

Control Disparate Systems

Our MultiPoint control room management system allows the unified display and control of systems that were previously impossible to integrate. This innovative security systems integration platform enables you to consolidate control of your video management systems (VMS), legacy DVRs, access control, life safety, building automation, GIS, call box, and/or any other subsystem in hours rather than weeks or months.


Intuitive graphical user interfaces. Intelligent display of visual information. Single keyboard and mouse control of multiple devices. Improved situational awareness. It's that easy. Using intuitive graphical user interfaces we enable intelligent display of visual information. The ability to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple devices improves situational awareness.

Products & Solutions 

Video Walls

Video wall processors and multiviewers enable real-time, high-resolution display of multiple sources across video walls, projector screens, or a single monitor. Applications include emergency operations centers, control rooms, simulation & training, video surveillance, and other collaborative work environments...

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Control Systems

Control room management solutions enhance collaboration and simplify multi-user control of complex control room display systems in emergency operations centers, control rooms, and other mission-critical applications...

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Video matrix switchers are the backbone of control room and audiovisual systems, routing the outputs of computers and other image sources to display devices located within the same room, or across buildings, campuses, and even around the world...

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