Located due east of the Caspian Sea in Central Asia, the country of Turkmenistan covers an area slightly larger than the state of California. The country is using advanced video technology for a variety of security and monitoring applications.

Opto fiber optic matrix switcher

RGB Spectrum now offers the Opto fiber optic matrix switcher in a 320x320 chassis. Boasting the highest transmission bandwidth in its class, the Opto 320 joins its smaller 48, 80 and 160 I/O port siblings.

RGB Spectrum's Hydra™ multi-channel scaler provides a new level of functionality for scaling and format conversion of signals up to 3840x2400, including DVI dual-link to single-link conversion.

As the industry leader in decision support technologies, RGB Spectrum's video processing gear is used on a daily basis to enhance all aspects of content visualization.

Based in Orlando, Florida, the Translational Research Institute (TRI) for Metabolism and Diabetes is a joint venture between Florida Hospital and Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. Housed in a new 37,000 sq. ft.

In Houston and the surrounding coastal areas in southern Texas, the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes often places the entire region on high alert.

RGB Spectrum and projectiondesign InfoComm 2012

RGB Spectrum and Norwegian high-performance projector manufacturer projectiondesign demonstrated their respective innovative technologies for the control room projection market at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

As China's economy expands, a reliable and efficient power system is critical to the country's economic growth. Concurrent with that growth, Chinese electric utilities such as Shanghai Power have become more mature with regard to their selection of efficient control room monitoring solutions.

When Amadeus, the leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry, built its new North America headquarters in Miami, Florida the company wanted an interactive presentation area to show off its technology in a space conducive to customer-employee inter

External Desktop Agent (EDA)

Secure KVM is now attainable through the use of RGB's External Desktop Agent (EDA) in SinglePoint KvM™ and Multipoint Control Room Management System™ (MCMS) installations.

RGB Spectrum has released an application for concurrent control of up to 50 DSx™ 300 codecs.

Temecula, California has come a long way since the installation of its first traffic light in 1985. The city now has over 100 signalized intersections, more than half of which utilize CCTV or computer systems for monitor and control.

Opto fiber optic matrix switcher

RGB Spectrum is introducing the Opto line of fiber optic matrix switchers, transmit and receive modules and related accessories. The Opto line meets the demand for larger switchers and long distance delivery of AV signals.

RGB Spectrum, a leader in videographic processing technologies, introduces its MultiPoint™ Control Room Management System (MCMS) at Infocomm. The show is held in Las Vegas from June 13 to June 15, 2012.

Annotator Option for QuadView HDx MultiViewer

RGB Spectrum's new Annotator option combines the powerful image processing of the QuadView HDx multiviewer with the ability to highlight, draw, and point over any portion of the multi-image output.

RGB Spectrum, a leader in videographic processing technology is introducing a new line of H.264 codecs for the streaming and recording of graphics and HD video.

Linx Prime CrossXFormat

RGB Spectrum continues to expand the capabilities of its industry leading Linx™ Prime CrossXFormat™ switchers with an HDMI Output card with audio de-embedding. The optional card installs in a Linx Prime chassis, available in sizes from 8x8 to 32x32.

RGB Spectrum's MediaWall® processors are designed for high-end image processing in the most demanding applications and rigorous conditions.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands powerful capabilities of the MultiPoint KvM™ control room management system. A MultiPoint KvM system complete with video wall is now live in RGB Spectrum's European training and demonstration facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Palmet Energy, A.S., a large energy company in Turkey, engaged in power generation and natural gas production, installed a new presentation room in its corporate Istanbul headquarters. Palmet Energy used Turkish audio and visual systems integrator Avkom Systems on the installation.