RGB Spectrum’s Enterprise MCMS: A New Standard in Control Room Management

RGB Spectrum, an industry leader in control room solutions, will be demonstrating the capabilities of Enterprise MCMS, a control room management system that extends monitoring and control around the globe, at ASIS International 2014 (Booth #3365).

Building on the features of its MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (MCMS), RGB Spectrum’s new Enterprise MCMS is an innovative hardware and software platform that uses video to integrate disparate systems over IP (LAN/WAN) without requiring custom software. With Enterprise MCMS, you can now consolidate control of various security subsystems including video management systems (VMS), legacy DVRs, access control, life safety, building automation, GIS and/or call boxes from multiple sites in hours rather than weeks or months.

Combining real-time display with multi-user KVM and extensive remote capabilities, Enterprise MCMS offers support for operators and system resources located anywhere in the world with 24/7 reliability. The secure, collaborative features of Enterprise MCMS make it ideal for use in mission-critical applications such as security operations centers (SOCs) and control rooms.

Enterprise MCMS uses RGB Spectrum’s innovative Video Desktop Adapter (VDA) technology to enable the consolidation of any source, any operator, and now, any place, under the control of one intuitive interface. This new control management system allows operators in multiple locations to share access to system resources, both local and remote.

Competitive remote desktop control systems typically employ either VNC compression technology that optimizes for text and graphics but not video transmission, or H.264 compression technology, that works well for video but not text. In contrast, VDA devices utilize a proprietary adaptive compression technology that provides excellent high motion video as well as crystal clear text and graphics transmission in near real-time. The VDA is highly secure, using AES-256 and NSA Suite B cryptography to ensure a high level of security over public networks.

To support mobile operators, the system encodes and transmits video, keyboard and mouse signals from a control room to remote sites. This provides operators at remote sites with real-time access privileges and shared control over any part of the Enterprise MCMS system for which they are authorized. VDA devices also allow Enterprise MCMS to control computers anywhere in the world. Simply connect a remote PC, with up to 4 heads, to a VDA Encoder to allow signals to be decoded, monitored, and controlled by any MCMS operator, at any site.

Enterprise MCMS facilitates multi-site collaboration. A hierarchical system of permissions and priorities allows operators at any site to control resources, enabling operators worldwide to share control of equipment, leverage expertise, and work together collaboratively to make critical decisions.   

To simplify operation and support a collaborative work environment, Enterprise MCMS’s highly-intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) offers a simple “drag-and-drop” method of placing computer or video sources on control station displays or video wall monitors. The contents of a video wall can be captured on a single screen as part of the GUI and displayed anywhere in the world. This GUI is the cornerstone of the integrated Enterprise MCMS hardware/software system, making it easy for operators to access resources and share control.

Stop by RGB Spectrum’s booth (#3365) to experience the power of Enterprise MCMS. Combining extensive remote capabilities with superb image quality, sophisticated control arbitration tools, and a highly intuitive GUI, Enterprise MCMS sets a new industry standard for control room management solutions.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.