New Ruggedized 8 Megapixel Multiviewer Displays

ruggedized multiviewer displays

RGB Spectrum, in partnership with Secure Communications Inc., is pleased to announce the development of ruggedized display solutions which provide an 8 megapixel canvas for high-resolution imagery. These new monitors deliver reliable performance in harsh operating environments. 31.5-inch and 28-inch models will be available soon.

When used with the SuperView® 4K multiviewer, the monitors provide an eight megapixel display space for ultra high-resolution content or for the display of multiple high-resolution images without downscaling. With 4 times more pixels than regular HD displays, the ruggedized monitor's 3840 x 2160 resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio delivers superb visual clarity.

Manufactured by Secure Communications, the monitors allow RGB Spectrum's SuperView 4K multiviewer to provide powerful multi-image display processing in even the most demanding military applications. The ruggedized display is built to withstand a range of challenging conditions such as those found on vehicle, vessel and airborne control consoles, mobile command centers, tactical operations centers (TOCs), and UAV ground control stations.

The 8 megapixel monitors are designed to be customizable according to the specialized requirements of land, sea and airborne deployments. The displays meet MIL-STD-461 specs, and offer baseline environmental condition support for 2g vibration, 30gs (crash safety) shock, and support for a range of operating temperatures. 28VDC is standard; available options include extended temperature range, higher shock tolerance (100gs) and enhanced vibration protection.

Advanced features include dynamic window sizing and positioning, input grouping, smooth panning and zooming within images, borders, titles, HDCP support and programmable presets. Images can be arranged anywhere on the 8 megapixel display - in any size or aspect ratio, with or without overlaps. Options include a redundant power supply, RGB Spectrum's unique SinglePoint KvM™ control of displayed computer signals, and a BP-16 remote panel for recalling preset window layouts.

The rugged display was developed to bring the advanced visual capabilities of the SuperView 4K multiviewer to military applications. Monitor prototypes are now available for evaluation. For more information, please contact RGB Spectrum at 510-814-7000, ext. 630.

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