The Zio Enterprise Video-over-IP Platform Now Includes Mobile Apps

Zio Mobile App for a single display

RGB Spectrum's Zio Enterprise Video-over-IP platform has been expanded to include mobile devices. Previously announced capabilities include encoders, decoders, multiviewers, wall processors, operator stations and apps for smart displays. The new app for mobile devices expands the flexibility and reach of the Zio® platform.

The Zio decoder app for mobile devices connects a remote workforce. Zio's Unified Management system automatically discovers remote users, who are treated the same as any user on the Zio network, allowing them to select and view available Zio streams. This functionality allows greater collaboration between facilities, ensuring that remote users are kept in the loop. In addition to allowing them to "pull" desired content, system operators can "push" content out to them as well using a simple drag and drop GUI. Remote users receive a standard mobile OS notification alerting them to new content availability.

The Zio Video-over-IP platform accommodates other third-party hardware as well, in particular smart displays from Philips. The Zio apps for smart displays allows decoding of streams directly on the smart displays, without the expense or complexity of an external decoder. This benefits collaboration spaces, conference rooms, and lobbies, which can access any content from the Zio network, with the least intrusive amount of additional hardware.

The Zio platform defines what it means to provide a comprehensive Video-over-IP solution. System functionality includes the ability to display web content alongside video streams and to bridge LANs and WANs. The breadth of Zio offerings plus integration with third-party hardware adds up to a complete Video-over-IP video solution from a single vendor.

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