Zio Video-over-IP Solution Expands to Include Multiviewers and Video Walls

Zio Video-over-IP Solution Includes Multiviewers and Video Walls

Many vendors of Video-over-IP solutions think in terms of a video stream being encoded on one end and decoded for display on the other. But if you need a lot of IP encoded video, the single monitor/single decode paradigm quickly becomes unwieldy. Leveraging more than 30 years of video wall processor and multiviewer expertise, RGB Spectrum’s award-winning Zio Enterprise Video-over-IP platform has been expanded to include multiviewers and wall processors for multi-signal decoding and display.

What Is Zio Video-over-IP?

Zio® Enterprise Video-over-IP delivers real-time video and audio over any size network. It's controlled through a simple user interface that offers drag-and-drop functionality for routing streams, allowing even non-technical people to easily operate the system without a third-party controller. Live thumbnails of each Zio encoded stream assist the user in routing video to displays. Automatic discovery of Zio encoders even makes it easy to add devices to the network.

The Zio Video-over-IP system offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • More than an in-room Video-over-IP solution, the Zio platform brings your far-flung operations together.
  • We are enterprise capable - at home on WANs as well as LANs.
  • We also support smart displays without separate hardware, simplifying installation and saving space and cost.
  • Unique among IP decoders, Zio endpoints offer the ability to display web-based content along with live video.

Now, our solution goes further, including multiviewers and video walls for multi-signal presentation.

IP-based Multiviewers

The Zio multiviewer line-up includes easy-to-deploy, handy-sized models and higher capacity, rack-mounted units. Zio multiviewers allow simultaneous decodes multiple streams on displays or projectors at up to 4K resolution.

The new Zio D3000-series can display up to 32 SD streams, or eight HD streams on a single display delivering unmatched performance in a 2RU package. The D2000-series multiviewer is a handy-sized endpoint capable of displaying up to 16 SD streams or 4 HD streams simultaneously. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported which, when combined with the small size, allows the endpoint to be placed closer to the display or projector than a larger, rack-mounted multiviewer.

Video-over-IP Wall Processor

RGB Spectrum's IP wall processors are the next generation of video wall controllers. Combining an elegantly simple user interface with advanced networked AV capabilities, the new Zio D3000-series wall processors include models to support from 4 to 16 displays. Designed to work with Zio encoders and other H.264/H.265 compliant devices, each model features a drag-and-drop user interface and robust administration tools. The new wall processors decode and display up to fifteen 2K resolution streams or four 4K resolution streams and provide instantaneous switching between video streams.

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