Simulation: UAV Operator Training

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Simulation: UAV Operator Training
Northrop Grumman, Triton/Global Hawk UAV, Operator Ground Control Stations
Triton/Global Hawk UAV


UAV Ground Control Station (GCS) Operator Training system executes simulations for Triton and Global Hawk UAV operators. Each GCS is dual operator: one for flight control and navigation, the second for target acquisition and weapons control.


They needed a recording solution for trainee debriefing that precisely replicates the intricate detail of high-resolution visuals, including surveillance, navigation, avionics, target identification and weapons control.


RGB Spectrum’s DGy JPEG2000 codec, which delivers visually lossless recording. The DGy codec’s leading-edge reproduction preserves the image quality of the original sources.

During the training scenarios, instructors can place event marks at any point in the recording which can be instantly accessed during debriefing with the trainees.