QuadView 4K Multiviewer Keeps Luxury Superyacht on Course

QuadView UHD multiviewer superyacht bridge system

Luxury superyacht owners have very discriminating tastes. When it comes to the operation of their vessels, they require state-of-the-art equipment.

VEI Marine is an audio-visual integrator that specializes in marine installations, designing integrated bridge systems that combine functional ergonomics with elegant, stylish presentation. They design RGB Spectrum’s QuadView® UHD high-performance multiviewer into their intelligent bridge control. The QuadView UHD-based “glass bridge” design provides a clean presentation of the integrated instrumentation.

The QuadView UHD multiviewer and presentation switcher/scaler displays up to four inputs simultaneously on a single screen in a variety of creative layouts. You can mix and match input resolutions, scale any video/graphic input up to 4K and route any input to any window. Both HD and UHD inputs can be displayed without downscaling, taking full advantage of the QuadView UHD’s 4K resolution and remarkable image processing. HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA analog inputs are supported.

Superyacht bridge console
Superyacht bridge console

VEI’s latest project is the glass bridge for the M/Y Carpe Diem 191-foot tri-deck super yacht. VEI’s system consists of integrated controls for engines, steering, thrusters, critical pumps, horns, wipers, video matrix switch, and more. The QuadView UHD processor receives a variety of content feeds, including compass and steering, navigation sensors, radars, sonar, GPS mapping, electronic chart display (ECDIS), and Global Marine Distress and Safety (GMDSS) radio communication systems. Two QuadView UHD processors consolidate these inputs and display them on large-format monitors inset in the port and starboard sides of the bridge console. QuadView UHD control is simple - choose a display layout, select inputs, and route to the desired windows. Crewmembers can switch input sources instantly or choose from up to 16 preset display layouts. Source switching and layout selection is made using VEI’s touch screen controls.

VEI Marine, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an audio-visual integrator that specializes in marine installation, including AV systems for super and mega yachts. For more information, call 954-304-5148.

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