Fort Hood Prepares for a 4K Future with QuadView UHD

Fort Hood Prepares for a 4K Future with Quadview UHD

A newly updated and expanded conference room at Fort Hood features three RGB Spectrum QuadView® UHD multiviewers. The room is used daily for program status updates and briefings by military personnel ranging in rank from core staff to commanding general.

Previously, the room held 60 people and housed two projector screens with an analog (VGA) connection. The outdated AV equipment could no longer adequately display the scope or scale of information needed for review. The challenge was to design a modern conference room equipped with cutting-edge technology, and on a small budget.

Azbell Electronics, an AV integration firm established more than 60 years ago, designed a solution to fit the client’s budget and needs. RGB Spectrum’s QuadView UHD multiviewer was chosen for its performance, versatility, and value. “We’ve used RGB Spectrum’s products on military installations since the early 1990s,” said project manager Chris Anelundi, CTS. “We’ve never had a problem, nor have our clients.”

The room now accommodates 125 people seated at a U-shaped conference table and in rows along the perimeter. Each person has a clear view of several of the fifteen wall mounted displays. The primary focal points are three 2x2 display groups mounted in the front of the room. Each display group is connected to a QuadView UHD multiviewer. Additional displays in the room are suspended from the ceiling and mounted on the tabletop.

The scope and scale of imagery that is displayed has significantly increased, including ground and weather maps, satellite images, video, presentations, and spreadsheets. While only HD sources are currently in use, the trio of QuadView UHD multiviewers add value by future-proofing the base’s capital investment, as Fort Hood plans to upgrade to 4K when their budget allows.

“With RGB Spectrum as a partner, we delivered a remarkable solution,” said Anelundi. “It’s a booming success all around. In fact, the base has since ordered two more QuadViews!

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