New Encoding Option Unleashes Any Content Anywhere Capability

Galileo encode visuals

RGB Spectrum continues to push the boundaries on capabilities for control rooms, operation centers, and other mission critical venues with the highly configurable Galileo video wall processor. The flexible Galileo display processor supports analog, digital, web browser, and IP-based sources displayed in windows anywhere on the video wall. The new input/output card for the Galileo system allows the user to select any content to be encoded as an IP stream for transmission across the network. This allows operators to push content to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Galileo video wall solutions offer unmatched flexibility of input and output possibilities demanded by today’s video-centric world. In addition to baseband video, the Galileo processor addresses network-based sources and destinations.

The new card offers both encoding as well as decoding of IP streams. The user can selectively stream the entire video wall, creating a true wall mimic, or any portion of the video wall. In addition, any baseband video source can be converted to an IP stream even if it is not displayed on the video wall.

Advanced options allow IT administrators the control they need to ensure the encoded video streams meet their needs. Parameters such as resolution, H.264 profile, GOP length, and bit rate can be set, allowing each stream to be tailored to specific network demands. Multiple networks can also be accommodated by adding additional cards.

The new input/output card with encoding capabilities brings the functionality of the Galileo system to a new level.

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