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RGB Spectrum TAA Compliance

External security threats continue to plague the U.S. business landscape, driven by cybercriminals looking to make money by stealing data and selling it to the highest bidder. Cybersecurity has become – and continues to be – a critical threat for the U.S. government.


When it comes to seeing threats in real-time, presenting video imagery is paramount in establishing situational awareness, a central theme of this year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX) hosted by ASIS International in Atlanta.

F-35 Pilot FMS

With rising geopolitical tensions, the United States is bolstering defense capabilities of our nation and those of our allies across the globe. To this end, the United States is providing our armed forces and 14 of our international allies with next-generation war fighting aircraft and advanced simulators, including Full Mission Simulators (FMS) capable of training pilots to fly multi-aircraft missions.

RGB Spectrum Public Safety Advanced Technology

Rapid response and effective communication can make a significant difference when lives are at stake. In complex and fast-moving environments, especially emergency communications and operations centers, how information is combined and presented is critical.

Cybersecurity threat assessment

The battle against cyber attacks rages on. Increasing cybersecurity threats continue to victimize the public, private, and government sectors. The key to thwarting these threats is to deploy leading-edge technologies that can track and monitor cyber criminals and detect when breaches occur.

RGB Spectrum Technology Symposium 2022

In June 2022, RGB Spectrum was thrilled to host another of its Technology Symposiums in Mexico City, Mexico, at the BBVA Open Space. The symposium allowed customers in Latin America to fully experience our solutions firsthand.

SFPD video wall Zio mobile

SFPD needed to share visuals and data throughout the facility, its remote workforce, and other offsite entities. The Zio/Galileo platform helps to integrate video distribution with sophisticated multi-image display and enterprise-wide AV distribution of information over any size network. Now SFPD can push video wall content to anyone, anywhere.

Torrance Transit Center video wall

The video wall, powered by our Galileo video processor, keeps the public informed on transit schedules and news. It also highlights local artwork to bring some creativity to the space and shares important community messaging.

The Zio 4000 video wall
While video wall technology may be complex, their usage is straightforward: video walls are the solution to a significant challenge: how to display information to both large and small audiences in a dynamic and adaptable manner. Video walls allow displaying a magnitude of content coming from multiple sources as well as providing an elevated experience, making this information more impactful.
Denver Botanic Garden video wall

Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, Colorado is a multi-faceted museum with a living plant collection, natural history collection and art exhibitions. The Freyer-Newman Center at York Street provides a venue of unparalleled beauty for meetings, exhibitions and other events.

RGB Spectrum at InfoComm 2022

The InfoComm 2022 countdown clock is ticking, and the RGB Spectrum team is gearing up for what is sure to be one of the most innovative and information-filled shows to date. We look forward to highlighting our advanced applications for enterprise-wide visual collaboration in booth #N2623.

Round Rock Texas Water Treatment SCADA video wall

Round Rock, Texas’s Water Treatment Plant ensures vital water safety and delivery for the city and surrounding community. To ensure water quality, the plant must scrupulously monitor, regulate and eliminate contaminants in the water supply.

PSAP Emergency Response

ECCs embrace new technology to improve operational performance. A significant transformation is occurring in ECCs with the convergence of video processing systems.

NEISD Cyber Training Room

The battle against cyber-attacks and hacking rages on. In response, the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas (NEISD) has opened a novel, new cyber security training facility, the Institute of CyberSecurity and Innovation (iCSI).

Smart City graphic

An evolution is occurring in cities globally with a transformation of a new technology concept called “Smart City”. A Smart City uses a framework of data and communication technologies to create a collaborative, information-rich infrastructure.

Global Medical Response

Global Medical Response (GMR) is the world’s leading medical transportation company focusing on intimate and high-service solutions at a local level.

RGB Spectrum at Air Space Cyber 2021

The Air Force Association's 75th Air, Space, & Cyber Conference took place September 20 - 22 at the Gaylord Convention Center in Potomac Harbor.

F-35 FMS
Lockheed Martin has selected RGB Spectrum’s new Zio 2 Video-over-IP solution for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Full Mission Simulator used to train individual pilots and whole squadrons. Zio 2 is RGB Spectrum’s next generation of products within the revolutionary Zio Video-over-IP platform, developed for military, government and civilian applications.
Contra Costa County EOC

Contra Costa County in California has opened a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) featuring a state-of-the-art Situation Room equipped with the latest real-time visualization technology. The EOC serves as a command center in the event of a crisis or natural disaster.

gait analysis video screens

A nationally accredited clinical gait and movement analysis lab at a renowned children’s hospital evaluates patients with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brain or spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophies, hip and joint problems, balance disord