How Cybersecurity Centers Use RGB Spectrum’s Video Technology

Cybersecurity threat assessment

The battle against cyber attacks rages on. Increasing cybersecurity threats continue to victimize the public, private, and government sectors. The key to thwarting these threats is to deploy leading-edge technologies that can track and monitor cyber criminals and detect when breaches occur. It’s time to terminate threats in real time.

RGB Spectrum’s state-of-the-art visualization and networked video solutions are critical tools in the fight against ever-evolving cyber threat actors. Our technologies provide real-time processing, distribution, and display of critical visual information to facilitate a deep understanding of potential threats and the ability to quickly collaborate with others. With our solutions, security personnel can monitor and control multiple types of visual sources in order to identify vulnerabilities, detect suspicious activity, and protect valuable assets.

Pulling together multiple data sources into a centralized operations center is where RGB Spectrum innovation excels. Imagine being able to combine data feeds like global internet traffic, cyber attack alerts, dark web transactions, hacking community chatter, threat intelligence, and even a worldwide news broadcast. By consolidating and displaying these disparate sources, users can make better decisions, faster. With RGB Spectrum technology, users can quickly move windows around on a single monitor to pull up the most pertinent data to their decision-making needs and share that visual information with others across the room, throughout the facility or around the globe.

Our technology’s field-proven reliability ensures 24/7 mission-critical operation.

Let’s look at two ways customers are deploying RGB Spectrum technology to thwart growing global cybersecurity threats:

Trustwave Cybersecurity

Trustwave, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is on the front lines to defend against incessant cyber threats. Trustwave’s SpiderLabs Fusion Center is a cybersecurity command center that tracks cyber criminals, detects when hacks occur and terminates breaches. The center’s teams of security experts monitor and detect threats in real time across the globe. The SpiderLabs Fusion Center is equipped with an expansive video wall monitoring system powered by RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V 4K video wall processor. The MediaWall V video wall maximizes detection and response collaboration from one central location amongst separate Trustwave global units.

NEISD Cyber Training room

The Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas (NEISD) has a new cybersecurity training facility, the Institute of Cyber Security and Innovation (iCSI). iCSI trains students on how to detect and identify cyber attacks and respond to them. Students earn professional certifications in information technology.

The curriculum gives students hands-on learning opportunities and real-world exercises related to the professional cybersecurity skills employers seek.

iCSI’s two classrooms are designed as actual cybersecurity operations centers. Each classroom contains three video walls powered by RGB Spectrum’s Galileo video display processors. A single Galileo processor in each classroom drives the three video walls: two made up of 2 x 4 arrays of 55-inch LCDs and one larger 2 x 6.

For more information about RGB Spectrum’s video technologies and how they support cybersecurity operations, contact us to discuss your project!

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