RGB Spectrum's Advanced Video Technology for Public Safety

RGB Spectrum Public Safety Advanced Technology

Rapid response and effective communication can make a significant difference when lives are at stake. In complex and fast-moving environments, especially emergency communications and operations centers, how information is combined and presented is critical. RGB Spectrum’s unified platform provides effective video walls, integrated desk displays, Video-over-IP and KVM solutions, and a mobile app that enable better decisions faster.

RGB Spectrum solutions enhance the system operator’s experience through flexible, scalable, and efficient workflows. Reliable and secure on-screen unification of data visualization reduce the need for a complex desk setup and ongoing training and support needs. Operational efficiency is elevated with RGB Spectrum’s processing platform that allows remote collaboration and multiple agency access to the common operating picture. Overall, RGB’s unified approach to visualization reduces maintenance and integration costs while providing a robust platform to build an integrated public safety communications strategy.

Over the past year, RGB Spectrum has enhanced its mission-critical technologies for public safety organizations, including:

  • RGB Spectrum’s multiwindow, single-screen KVM appliance – the QuadView® UHDx KVM – offers the ability to control independent video sources using a single keyboard and mouse. The QuadView allows users to seamlessly interact with four computer screens in scalable windows on a single 4K 60Hz monitor. Each operator who uses that desk can save unique presets to re-arrange the location of windows, resize them, or select a different resource from a total of six available inputs.

  • Our XtendPoint KVM system offers up to eight video sources, replacing an array of multiple monitors with just two large multiwindow high resolution displays. XtendPoint is based on an IP distribution architecture that can access signals over a LAN or a WAN using XtendPoint encoders and decoders. It is a truly versatile system. Visual data can be routed to multiple locations simultaneously, allowing real-time sharing with supervisors and colleagues. Benefits include ongoing training, interactive supervision, and real-time decision support.

  • Bringing technology on the go is possible with RGB Spectrum’s Zio® Video-over-IP Mobile App. Deployed on a smartphone or other mobile device, Zio allows video sources to be “pushed” by the 911 dispatcher to remote force members, individually or in groups, or “pulled” from the center by a remote team member. Any data the operator can access – photos, videos, building schematics, and more – can be shared to provide a common operating picture in real time.

Public Safety organizations around the country are experiencing how RGB Spectrum’s technologies help improve decision making through greater awareness around incidents. Here are a few examples:

  • San Francisco Police Department Improves Situational Awareness and Tactical Decision-Making
    The San Francisco Police Department’s (SFPD) public safety initiative included a visualization technology upgrade in their Department Operations Center (DOC). It included two key elements: networked distribution of visuals within and outside the facility and two centralized video display walls. SFPD deployed RGB Spectrum’s Zio and Galileo Video-over-IP platforms to create a collaborative, information-rich infrastructure providing interagency knowledge exchange, interaction, and collaboration. The other critical requirement for the SFPD was the ability to share visuals and data throughout the facility with mobile officers, its remote workforce, and other offsite entities. This information can be distributed throughout the DOC and adjacent training and conference rooms within its headquarters. The result: improved incident assessment, analysis, decision-making, resource deployment, and response.

  • Elk Grove Police Department’s Mission to Assure Better Public Safety
    Elk Grove California Police Department’s Information Center needed to improve situational awareness, threat assessment, and resource response as well as achieve faster suspect apprehension. The Information Center required a video wall that would centralize an extensive volume of real-time visuals and data to enhance situational awareness. Operators would collaboratively view this information for incident assessment and resource deployment.

  • Elevating Emergency Operations for Contra Costa County
    Contra Costa County opened a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) featuring a state-of-the-art situation room equipped with the latest real-time visualization technology. The EOC serves as a command center in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. Its role is to improve emergency response, including the mobilization of municipal, county, and private resources. Contra Costa County selected the RGB Spectrum solutions for their 24/7 reliability, support for diverse signal sources, ability to disseminate information to local and remote locations simultaneously, and exceptional 4K image quality.

Here at RGB Spectrum, we are committed to helping public safety organizations around the country. Please contact us today to learn how we can help your organization with better processing power for faster decision making.

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio-visual solutions for a civilian, government, and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software, and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Since 1987, RGB Spectrum has been dedicated to helping its customers achieve Better Decisions. Faster.


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RGB Spectrum, Contra Costa County EOC, Elk Grove Police Dept, and Orange County Sheriff's Dept share insights on leveraging advanced technology for public safety.