Simulation: Fixed Wing Aircraft

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Simulation: Fixed Wing Aircraft
Lockheed Martin, F35 Joint Strike Fighter, Full Mission Simulator
Joint Strike Fighter Full Mission Simulator


Four pilot mission simulator for F35 aircraft comprised of four cockpits, Instructor Operator Station (IOS) and debriefing facilities.


Needed a mission-critical recording/replay solution for After-Action-Review (AAR) that preserved the fidelity of the imagery, provided visually lossless compression, retained all pixels within the recording and offered frame-by-frame recording and jog/shuttle. Additionally, the system required seamless switching so instructors could instantly change content during the simulation.


RGB Spectrum’s DGy JPEG2000 codec, providing the highest fidelity image reproduction, preserving the most intricate detail. Instructors can now review each and every frame of the simulation scenario with pilots.

RGB Spectrum’s Linx switchers were deployed which allow instructors to change imagery instantly and seamlessly without dropped frames.