Digital Signage: Entertainment

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Digital Signage: Entertainment
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Cantina Las Vegas MediaWall V video display


Taco Bell is expanding in a bold, innovative way with the launch of its new “Cantina” restaurant concept. The two-story flagship Cantina, located on Las Vegas’s popular Strip, features a novel combination of entertainment, expanded menu, and adult beverages.


Engage, captivate and entertain patrons as they browse, order and dine using a large video wall for a fun, social dining experience.


RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall® V processor drives the Cantina’s massive 14-foot by 8-foot video wall array. The MediaWall displays live-streamed broadcast, sporting, and news events, as well as social media content.

MediaWall’s embedded processing architecture delivers exceptional 24/7 reliability for this high-traffic, high-visibility installation. It displays imagery in windows of any size, anywhere on the video wall canvas to enhance the entertainment experience.