Zio Networked AV Solution is Now Shipping

Zio Networked AV Solution is Now Shipping

RGB Spectrum’s new Zio® networked AV solution is now shipping. Introduced at InfoComm 2016 the Zio product line won ‘Best of Show’ for its easy-to-use interface, near infinite scalability, and other must-have features. Ideal for corporate, academic and many other settings, Zio encoders and decoders convert audio, video and control data to IP packets that can be switched and routed to any location on the network. Zio’s AV over IP solution supports signals up to 4K UHD resolution on 1Gb or 10Gb LANs and WANs making it a top choice for any system no matter the size.

Designed from the ground up to move large amounts of data securely and efficiently over an IP network, Zio products offer a serverless peer-to-peer architecture. Zio’s encoders and decoders automatically adjust to the ever changing network topology. The result is a cost-effective solution whereby endpoints can be easily added to the network without adding additional servers.

Many features on the Zio platform are designed for ease of management. Device grouping allows users to route content to multiple destinations at once or update software with a single action. Administrators can rest easier knowing that Zio endpoints can be fully permissioned to restrict users as they see fit. Bandwidth management gives administrators the power to adjust stream requirements as necessary depending on their specific needs.

Zio products’ browser-based interface allows users to preview and drag-and-drop content from any PC or tablet – no app necessary. The ability to talk to third-party devices such as IP cameras, projectors, lights and displays via scripting permits interoperability- meaning Zio endpoints can control external devices or be controlled by them.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.