Zio IP Decoder App for Smart Displays

Zio Decoder App Smart Display diagram

RGB Spectrum is excited to announce the new Zio Decoder App for Smart Displays. The Decoder App enhances the capabilities of smart displays by allowing you to decode an IP stream directly on the display, without external hardware and offers access to the Zio system’s advanced GUI and features.

The proliferation of network-based sources continues to explode. Security cameras, media players, and other devices encode signals for network distribution. Decoding those streams directly on smart displays simplifies system configuration by eliminating the need for a separate decoder connected to the display. Less hardware and cabling means faster installations and lower costs.

The worldwide debut of this unique integration of the Zio Decoder App and a smart display will be at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam, Feb 6-9 at the Panasonic booth (1-H20). Panasonic’s AF1 Series displays will be supported initially, with other manufacturers and models to follow.

What Is Zio AV/IP?

RGB Spectrum’s Zio AV over IP technology is controlled through a simple, intuitive user interface that offers drag-and-drop functionality for routing streams to the display, allowing even non-technical people to easily operate the system without the need for a 3rd party controller. Live thumbnails of each Zio encoded stream assist the user in routing streams to displays. Automatic discovery of Zio encoders makes it easy to add devices to the network.

The Zio AV over IP system offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • Unified Management & Control
  • Live thumbnails for instant confirmation of streams from Zio encoders
  • An array of hardware options, including encoders, decoders and multiviewers
  • An intuitive, user-friendly GUI

Zio AV/IP Hardware Options

Complementing the decoder app for Smart Displays, the complete Zio product line includes separate encoder and decoder units that support 2K or 4K video over IP over a full range of signal sources and display devices.

The Zio Multiviewer allows multiple streams to be decoded and viewed on a single display. The compact multiviewer allows up to four 1080p streams, or equivalents, to be arranged on a screen any size, anywhere.

An industry first, Zio decoders and multiviewers offer WebView, a unique option to present web content along with live video, particularly suited for digital signage applications.

Installing the Zio Decoder App—Try It Free

The Zio Decoder App will be easily accessed via the Panasonic App Server or from the RGB Spectrum website and installed via USB drive.

A demo version will be available free or a license may be purchased from RGB Spectrum. To find out more about Zio AV/IP hardware, go to: