RGB Spectrum’s Complete 4K HDBaseT Signal Extension System

HDBaseT signal extender

RGB Spectrum offers a complete integration solution for extending signals, at up to 4K UHD resolution, using convenient HDBaseT transmission. Our turnkey signal extension solution streamlines AV system integration to reduce integration time and installation costs. It simplifies system component sourcing while providing assured compatibility, top-level performance and 24/7 reliability.

Everything you need for a complete end-to-end HDBaseT signal extension solution:

  • CAT-Linx 2 extenders - stand alone and wall plate models
  • PDU 400-12 power distribution unit
  • CAT RAK rackmount kit
  • Wall/table mounts

CAT-Linx 2 extenders transmit 4K UltraHD (60Hz) and HD signals over long distances using conventional CAT 5e/6 cable. The units can transmit HD signals up to 100 meters and 4K UltraHD signals up to 70 meters. Transmit (TX) and Receive (RX) endpoints are compatible with all RGB Spectrum products as well as AV devices from other manufacturers.


CAT-Linx 2 HDBaseT Extenders

CAT-Linx 2 HDBaseT Extenders transmit 4K UltraHD (60Hz) and HD signals over long distances using conventional CAT 5e/6 cable. The units can transmit HD signals up to 100 meters and 4K UltraHD signals up to 70 meters. Transmitters are available in either standalone or wall plate configuration.

  • 4K Ultra HD (60Hz) signals over conventional CAT 5e/6 cable
  • 4K/60Hz output up to 100m, 1080P up to 140m over Cat6a/7 cable
  • 4K/60Hz output up to 70m, 1080P up to 100m over Cat5e/6 cable
  • HDCP 2.2
  • Integrated Power-over-HDBaseT (PoH)
  • IR, serial and Ethernet control of displays and other AV devices
  • CEC pass through

For installation ease and convenience, CAT-Linx 2 extenders have integrated power (PoH) to supply endpoints over the same CAT5e/6 cable that carries the video and data signals. This eliminates the need for external power connections. A CAT-Linx 2 pair needs only one power supply connected to either the transmitter or the receiver end to power both devices. The CAT-Linx 2 TX Wall Plate Transmitter receives its power from a CAT-Linx 2 RX receiver.

The CAT-Linx 2 TX Wall Plate Transmitter provides both HDMI and VGA analog input with automatic input recognition and switching. It also offers embedded HDMI audio and VGA analog stereo switching input.

CAT-Linx 2 extenders offer a bevy of advanced features, including HDCP 2.2 compatibility, Dolby and DTS HD audio support and serial, IR and Ethernet control of display devices. The extenders can control a source from a display’s location or control a display from a source's location.

PDU 400-12 12-Channel Power Distribution Unit

RGB Spectrum’s PDU 400-12 Power Distribution Unit streamlines AV project integration, making it simpler, easier and faster than ever before to power up a variety of devices. Say goodbye to rack cable clutter and wall warts.

The convenient, 400-watt PDU 400-12 Power Distribution Unit provides 12 channels of 12-VDC power in a rugged, 1RU rack mountable enclosure. It is designed for 24/7 reliability, allowing system designers and facility managers to optimize power management.

The PDU 400-12 integrates with RGB Spectrum's Zio networked AV products, CAT-Linx 2 HDBaseT Extenders, and AV devices from other manufacturers. Versatile and reliable Phoenix connectors allow for ease of use with a wide variety of devices that require 12-VDC power.

The PDU 400-12 is an ideal power distribution solution for all professional AV applications.

  • Up to 25W per channel
  • 12-Ports with 12V DC per port
  • 400W total load
  • Phoenix connectors
  • Auto-senses and accepts line voltages from 88 to 264 volts AC
  • Overload, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection
  • Unique Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit minimizes input current harmonics

CAT RAK Rackmount Kit


The CAT RAK is a 6RU rackmount shelf for up to 12 CAT-Linx 2 units. This convenient shelf allows each endpoint to be securely mounted in a vertical orientation. The PDU 400-12 Power Distribution Unit mounts above or below to provide power directly to all endpoints mounted in the rack.

  • Holds up to 12 CAT-Linx 2 TX or RX units
  • Made from sturdy 18-gauge steel
  • Use with PDU 400-12 Power Distribution Unit

Wall/Table Mount & Mounting Brackets


A CAT-Linx 2 Wall/Table Mount is available for CAT-Linx 2 TX/RT endpoints to provide an affordable, convenient way to affix CAT-Linx 2 units to walls and tables. The self-supporting CAT-Linx 2 Wall/Table Mount provides easy cable-management access.

CAT-Linx 2 standalone TX/RX units include a bracket set for fixed mounting to various surfaces.

RGB Spectrum’s CAT-Linx 2 HDBaseT Extenders are a high performance, feature-rich, and cost effective solution for 4K UHD and HD signal extension.

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