RGB Spectrum Now Shipping New Zio Video-over-IP D3000 Series Video Wall Processor

Automotive Multiviewer Video Wall

RGB Spectrum is proud to announce the first IP video wall designed as part of a complete, integrated AV/IP solution. The new Zio D3000 series provides a full function video wall for IP signals up to 4Kp60 resolution. In its initial configuration, the D3064 model supports signal decodes and display over four monitors, each up to 4K resolution, covering the popular 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 and 2x2 arrays. Larger arrays will be addressed later this year.

The versatile Zio D3064 wall processor can display a mix of live video and web-based content. Streams at up to 4K 60Hz resolution can be placed any size, anywhere on the display canvas. Any IP stream can be routed to any window. The Zio video wall processor provides instantaneous stream switching and synchronization. For added operation flexibility, a scripting interface for external system control is available.

More than just a video wall, the D3064 is part of RGB Spectrum's innovative Zio AV/IP family of products, a fully integrated, enterprise-level networked video solution. Its reach covers LANs, WANs and even mobile networks. It offers signal distribution and display beyond the confines of a single room to connect campuses, global offices, and remote personnel.

The Zio AV/IP ecosystem encompasses third-party hardware and software, including cameras, mobile phones, smart displays, and software apps. At its core is a control system that manages RGB Spectrum’s own components as well as third-party hardware. The system even offers scripting for control of other connected devices, such as room lights and monitors using industry standard Python scripting language.

The Zio architecture provides all the elements for enterprise-wide video distribution. Zio encoders and decoders handle signals from cameras, computers, and specialized devices, all the way up to 4Kp60 resolution. The widest range of display hardware is offered, including IP multiviewers with multiple signal decodes, and IP video walls. Zio decoders can even display web-based content along with live video.

Ease of use? Zio AV/IP offers a very intuitive GUI featuring live video thumbnails and simple drag-and-drop operation.

Last but not least, its distributed control architecture doesn’t rely on a single-point-of-failure server, providing additional reliability and cost savings.

No other AV/IP solution even comes close.

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