Frost Brown Todd conference room video wall

Frost Brown Todd, a regional law firm with offices based in Kentucky, recently unveiled a new video wall in its Louisville office conference room powered by RGB Spectrum's MediaWall 1900 processor.

XtendPoint KVM-over-IP configuration options

XtendPoint™ KVM-over-IP allows operators to connect and control remote systems across a room or worldwide enterprise. Leveraging a standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network, it delivers a scalable KVM matrix switching solution connecting multiple users with controllable systems...

Tampa Airport digital signage integration

Tampa International Airport enlisted the services of AVI-SPL, a global digital workplace services provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, to design and integrate new public signage throughout the airport's terminals and parking areas.

QuadPlex large scale video walls

RGB Spectrum offers an extensive line of video wall processors to meet any project need. The company is pleased to announce it is expanding its industry-leading lines into a new level of larger-scale video walls.

Zio Media Server Encoders and Decoders

RGB Spectrum has expanded its line of multi-channel recording and streaming systems with the new Zio® Media Server.

Lockheed Martin simulator

RGB Spectrum’s advanced DGy recording and streaming system is used in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Full Mission Simulator (FMS) to train individual pilots and whole squadrons. With increasing production of the F-35 aircraft, RGB Spectrum is ramping up DGy deliveries to meet the rapidly growing needs for pilot training.

AFCEA WEST RGB Spectrum booth

RGB Spectrum showcased its latest advances in video processing and networked AV solutions at the recent AFCEA WEST conference. AFCEA WEST, held in San Diego, California, is the premier U.S. Navy event focused on operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Business directory service in-office meeting

A leading business directory service headquartered in San Francisco, California is experiencing significant employee expansion. This growth is requiring the company to devise ways to improve enterprise-wide communications and productivity.

RGB Spectrum ISE 2020 booth

RGB Spectrum highlighted its latest video processing and AV-over-IP solutions at the 2020 ISE trade show in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

video wall integrated with av-over-ip capability

RGB Spectrum announces the new Zio W4000 video wall processor series. It is the first general purpose, full-function video wall processor completely integrated with an AV-over-IP platform.

Raytheon Phalanx CIWS with RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum has been awarded a follow-on contract from Raytheon Corporation for the Phalanx Close-In-Weapon-System (CIWS) program...

One of the world's tallest structures monitors with Galileo processor

One of the world’s tallest buildings is a vast vertical city within itself, and its scale and complexity require the most sophisticated facilities management.

QuadView UHDx KVM

Introducing RGB Spectrum’s new QuadView UHDx KVM which combines a high-performance 4Kp60 multi-image video processor with remote keyboard/mouse control. The unit displays and controls up to four computer screens at a time on a single 4Kp60 monitor...

Lockheed Martin simulator I/ITSEC 2019 RGB Spectrum

At the 2019 I/ITSEC trade show in Orlando, Florida, RGB Spectrum highlighted its latest display, recording and networked video solutions for simulators and training.

Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Full Mission Simulator

The next generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft, developed by Lockheed Martin, is a family of stealth multi-role aircraft. The aircraft requires pilots to master new competencies; thus, simulation plays a prominent role.

Sutherland Labs conference room video wall

Sutherland Labs, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is an experience design agency creating solutions to grow businesses and enhance everyday human experiences.

Galileo plug-ins for Milestone and Genetec

RGB Spectrum announces a major new enhancement to its Galileo video wall processor line: integration with industry-leading VMS suppliers Genetec and Milestone. Optional plug-ins provide seamless integration between cameras managed by Genetec or Milestone and other video and computer sources...

Elk Grove Police Department Video Wall

The Elk Grove California Police Department has a novel crime-fighting weapon with their new Information Center. The facility’s centerpiece is its large, real-time video wall powered by RGB Spectrum’s Galileo 4K video wall processor...

Samsung EBC video wall console

Samsung and RGB Spectrum are collaborating to showcase state-of-the-art 4K video wall and multiviewer technology at Samsung's Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Washington, D.C. Samsung is a premier manufacturer of high-performance LED displays.

Creighton School of Dentistry alumni lounge video wall

The Creighton University School of Dentistry, established in 1905, has a long and storied history of preparing dental graduates noted for professional excellence and commitment to improving the health of their communities.