New Zio WebView for Browser-based Content

Zio WebView display for browser-based content

New features for RGB Spectrum's Zio® Enterprise Video-over-IP platform include the ability to display browser-based content along with live video using Zio WebView. Web pages, tickers, analytics – anything that can be displayed in a web browser can be dragged and dropped onto a window on the screen as easily as any encoded video stream. These unique features facilitate digital-signage and data analytic display applications.

Zio WebView sources function just like any other source with the same organizational features as video streams under the Zio control structure. WebView sources can be categorized into groups, tagged with keywords and selected for favorites. These powerful capabilities allow you to find the content you need fast.

Live video and content displayed in a web page are ubiquitous in market segments across the globe. From security operations centers to the corporate lobby – integrating real-time information along with live video is simply expected in today's world. Zio WebView embraces this paradigm by allowing any user to mix and match web based content along with any other source.

Corporate lobbies can take advantage of Zio WebView to display a stock ticker and Twitter feed alongside the company overview video. All this functionality is possible with a single Zio endpoint, precluding the need for a separate digital signage application.

Industrial applications also benefit from Zio WebView. By providing the ability to display real-time data analytics with live views of the shop floor, supervisors have the input they need to make informed decisions faster.

Zio's WebView capability means integrating any digital signage or content management system (CMS) is a breeze. Simply add the signage player URL as a WebView source and you can drag and drop that signage content to any or all displays in the Zio system.

In a crowded Networked AV landscape, Zio's power stands alone. The power to decode a live video stream and display multiple windows of browser-based content all on a single decoder provides an unsurpassed level of functionality and affordability.

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