MultiPoint KvM Available for Demo at RGB Spectrum's Netherlands Office

Eindhoven, the Netherlands powerful capabilities of the MultiPoint KvM™ control room management system. A MultiPoint KvM system complete with video wall is now live in RGB Spectrum's European training and demonstration facility in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

"MultiPoint KvM provides unique advantages for our prospective customers as it enables them to accurately assess and react to events as they happen," said Paul Spronk, regional sales director for Europe and the Middle East. "Multipoint KvM does this by enabling operators to efficiently collaborate on information displayed across multiple screens."

MultiPoint KvM is a collaborative system for addressing, displaying, and controlling shared computer and visual resources in a control room environment. A single keyboard and mouse provides operators access to both data display and the control of multiple data sources.

The MultiPoint KvM system is based on a DVI/IP hybrid architecture, and uses DVI for lossless, high-density video signal distribution and IP for distribution of control signals. Far exceeding the capabilities of video-over-IP implementations common in the industry, Multipoint KvM is capable of supporting video and graphics at full resolution, frame rate, color sampling rate and color depth, up to 1920 x 1200 pixels, 60 frames per second, 4:4:4 color sampling and 10 bit color. Multipoint KvM is intended for industry, security, military and government control room installations that require exceptionally high resolution video or graphics, multi-display support and operator collaboration.

A user-specified system of preferences and priorities determines which operators have access to data resources and provides a hierarchy among operators for controlling them. The result is an efficient system providing transfers of control, backups and overrides, designed for both efficiency and emergency response.

MultiPoint KvM is a complete, configurable system with single vendor options for video wall displays, switchers, and operator control stations. An External Display Adapter (EDA) connects to a source computer via its mouse/keyboard port, obviating the need to install any software. The device may be configured for one-way communication for additional security.

As summarized by Spronk, "RGB Spectrum's display processors and switchers, the MultiPoint KvM™ system provides the highest quality video processing, video distribution, and control room management system available.

To make an appointment to try out MultiPoint KvM, contact Paul Spronk, tel +31.40.2030463

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