MediaWall Unifies Telemetry Monitoring Operations for Wisconsin Medical Center

MediaWall Unifies Telemetry Monitoring Operations for Wisconsin Medical Center

A large medical center in Wisconsin has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of care across three affiliated hospitals’ cardiac units with a new centralized Telemetry Heart Monitoring Hub. Now medical technicians can monitor up to 120 heart patients’ vitals using the advanced display capabilities of two 65-inch 4K LCD panel video stations enabled by RGB Spectrum MediaWall V Display Processors.

Assisting nurses and physicians with data analysis, dedicated telemetry technicians use streamlined mouse and keyboard control integrated with the MediaWall V to zoom in on specific cases while maintaining an overview of patients’ vitals. Display presets give technicians a variety of visual configurations for keeping an eye on critical patient data.

The mission-critical nature of the patient monitoring led AV systems integrator Techteriors, LLC to RGB Spectrum for its robust MediaWall V Display Processor. When it came time to choose a processor to feed the commercial-grade NEC displays, RGB Spectrum was an ideal solution source. “One of the reasons we selected RGB Spectrum was because we knew it was top-tier equipment that was going to last for years and be very reliable,” said Jeremy Vierck, Director of Technology for Techteriors, LLC.

Two MediaWall V processors were used, one per monitoring station, to process the outputs of twelve GE Healthcare PCs connected to the hospital network. Each PC provides up to 10 patients’ vitals via GE Healthcare software.

Techteriors found that the MediaWall V processor provided excellent 4K video quality for the output of the PCs. With the MediaWall V output set to 3820x2160 resolution, “There was no need to scale anything, so there was no compression of the image, giving it lossless quality,” explained Matt Gliszczinski, System Engineer with Techteriors, LLC. Scaling only occurs when technicians zoom in on a specific piece of data. “The scaling looks fantastic as well,” he added, “When the tech has zoomed in to do measurements on heart signals, for example, the quality is excellent.”

The two viewing stations are set up in a redundant configuration; the use of two separate MediaWall processors helps eliminate any single point of failure. Each piece of equipment has a redundant power supply, with additional failure protection provided by the hospital’s generator.

Reaction to the Telemetry Monitoring Hub technology integration has been extremely positive. The efficiencies provided by the centralized monitoring approach produce significant return on investment. The hospital group is already considering plans to add more monitoring stations like the one in Grafton.

“The technicians who use it on a daily basis are very happy with the system,” Vierck noted. “It has really impacted their work. They have more capabilities than they had before, and that’s a big win.”

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