Linx Switcher - A Boardroom Solution

FCCI is an insurance group serving markets in the southeast and midwest United States. Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Sarasota, FL, the company now has over 600 employees.

It was time to replace the old analog RGB video system in the executive boardroom. The room has 22 positions at the conference table where executives can plug in their laptops for display on the room's projection screen. The users have a mix of laptops, so the system had to accommodate VGA and DVI/HDMI video as well as additional sources such as a DVD player.

Enter RGB Spectrum's Linx 3300 CrossXFormat® switcher. With every input channel able to accept either analog or digital signals on the same connector, the number of discrete inputs was reduced and the cabling infrastructure dramatically simplified. Using the DVI-I input on the Linx switcher and a breakout cable, each of the 22 positions can connect to PCs with analog or digital output. All it takes is a single click on the wireless panel used for control. As older laptops with analog output are replaced with ones that offer HDMI, no re-cabling is necessary.

Another requirement was ease of use, allowing consistently dependable operation with non-specialized staff. The Linx switcher met this requirement, so Keith Gilliam, System Design Engineer with regional integrator Technical Resource Group specified it for the open architecture design. The system was installed in July, 2011.

Linx switchers use two-channel I/O modules, so it was also easy to meet the exact 22 input by 4 output configuration needed. Should more input or output channels be required in the future, additional modules can easily be installed in the chassis.

The Linx 3300 garnered praise for its smooth switching between different sources as well as its user-friendly interface and ease of programming. The increased efficiency of the system's design and reduced energy usage resulted in cost savings and smiles.

For additional information: Technical Resource Group FCCI

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