Introducing the SuperView 4100 Display Processor

Introducing the SuperView 4100 Display Processor

At InfoComm '11, RGB Spectrum will introduce the SuperView® 4100 processor , a fully real-time multiviewer for projectors, cubes or flat panel displays. Unique among multiviewers, the SuperView 4100 processor is based on a custom-built, high performance architecture rather than a PC, offering faster updates, more display flexibility, robustness and security. Real-time display of inputs is guaranteed under all conditions, without dropped frames.

The SuperView processor can display up to 8 graphic or HD video sources on a single output. Images can be displayed anywhere, any size, in windows or full screen. Unlike other video/data multiviewers, the SuperView processor has essentially no limits on display alternatives.

The SuperView 4100 processor provides DVI, HDMI and RGB inputs for 8 windows. Graphic signals to 1920x1200 pixels and HD inputs to 2048x1080 pixels are supported.

Control is via RS-232 or Ethernet. A browser-based control system provides a graphical interface that incorporates a comprehensive set of controls for every aspect of the processor and display.

The processor offers 24/7 robustness. It comes packaged in a compact rack-mount enclosure with replaceable air filter. Most importantly, the SuperView processor is a dedicated system, not a PC, providing the security and reliability of an embedded operating system with no disk drives. The user interface includes drag-and-drop window positioning and scaling.

The SuperView processor features DVI single-link or optional DVI dual-link output. Output can be adjusted to the native resolution of any display, up to 1920x1200 pixels, HD to 2048x1080 pixels and optional DVI dual-link to 2560x1600 pixels.

A full array of features includes dynamic window sizing and positioning, smooth zooming within images, custom borders, titling, programmable presets, clock and cursor control. Options include a redundant power supply, HDCP, dual-link output, and KVM control.

The SuperView 4100 processor offers an unbeatable value for a full-function multiviewer, designed for 24/7 operation.

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