Galileo Video Wall Engages Visitors at Technology Innovation Center in Washington, D.C.

World Wide Technology Innovation Center video wall

World Wide Technology (WWT), a technology solution provider, recently opened its new Innovation Center in Washington, D.C. The Innovation Center provides a collaborative environment for federal agencies to develop mission-critical information technology.

As visitors enter the Center’s lobby, they are greeted by a captivating mosaic LCD video wall introducing WWT’s capabilities and services. Coltrane Systems, a nationwide IBEW technology systems integrator, based in St. Louis, Missouri, designed and installed the lobby’s innovative LCD video wall using RGB Spectrum’s Galileo 4K video wall processor. The Galileo processor was chosen for its real-time performance, exceptional 4K image quality, and custom output timings, which support varying display resolutions.

The video wall project had unique processing requirements with a novel design utilizing LCD displays of various sizes, resolutions and orientations. The versatile Galileo processor met these challenging requirements by displaying multiple sources across the video wall with rotation and open space compensation, while scaling the custom content to the native resolutions of the differing LCD displays.

The Galileo processor receives video inputs from a PC running a media server application and displays them in windows of any size, anywhere on the expansive multifaceted LCD video wall array.

The Galileo processor supports inputs and outputs at up to 4K resolution with the flexibility to output in rotated portrait orientation. Display layouts can be changed instantly to focus on particular areas of interest. Operators can select preset display layouts, switch and route sources, and size and position windows. The processor’s integrated signal switching eliminates the need for external switchers.

The Galileo processor works with all types of video walls: an image overlap capability is available for projector-based video walls, custom timings accommodate the special resolutions of LED walls, and bezel compensation optimizes viewing with LCD video walls.

Advanced features include a unique "wall mimic", whereby the entire video wall or any region of interest can be encoded and streamed for live viewing elsewhere, HDCP content protection, and automatic IP stream discovery for RGB Spectrum’s Zio® Video-over-IP encoders.

The Galileo processor is the ideal solution for conference rooms, security operations centers, control rooms, command centers, entertainment and sports venues, boardrooms, education, corporate lobbies, and digital signage.

World Wide Technology (WWT), based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a technology solution integrator that provides digital strategy, innovative technology and supply chain solutions to large public and private organizations around the globe. For more information, call 800-432-7008 or visit

Coltrane Systems is an IBEW technology systems integrator, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Coltrane Systems operates nationwide providing design-build access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, audio visual, data infrastructure and electrical solutions. For more information, call 314-244-3842 or visit

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio-visual solutions for a civilian, government, and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software, and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Since 1987, RGB Spectrum has been dedicated to helping its customers achieve Better Decisions. Faster.