Discover Flawless AV-over-IP with the Zio Platform

Zio admin tools

RGB Spectrum’s Zio® Enterprise AV-over-IP system offers the IT administrator a complete set of tools for a truly hassle-free transition to networked AV. Our platform delivers a peer-to-peer architecture, automatic device discovery, group device control, and bandwidth management to give administrators the power they need to set up quickly and keep operations running smoothly. Zio provides ease of use, ease of configuration, and ease of management that are second to none.

Zio products are based on a peer-to-peer architecture that provides near infinite scalability. As your system grows, additional Zio endpoints can easily be added. Unlike other networked AV systems that require the additional expense of a dedicated server, the Zio peer-to-peer architecture is server-less, saving money and reducing points of failure. Since coordination in the Zio system is shared across all of the endpoints, no single device failure will prevent your system from working.

Automatic device discovery of Zio products simplifies setup and configuration. When a new Zio endpoint is added to a system, a notification is presented to administrators allowing them to quickly add the new device. The new device will be up and running in a flash.

The Zio device grouping feature makes life easier for both users and administrators. Grouping devices allows users to route content to multiple devices with one action. It can be used by administrators to simultaneously make software updates or define user access controls for devices in a group in a single step. There is no need for administrators to physically be in front of devices for an update.

Group device control is just one of the controls built into Zio AV-over-IP products. The Zio system can direct third-party devices through scripting. For instance, scripting could be used to turn on a building’s emergency lighting while routing to all displays a prerecorded video asking people to exit the building. Zio also has the interoperability to be controlled by external systems.

The browser-based interface makes control and management convenient. There is no need to install an app, simply log onto the Zio interface. An administrator or any user (with permission) can use any browser-capable device to customize the routing of sources to one or more displays. Administrators can grant and manage user permissions for end-user control over distribution of content through PCs or tablets.

Another noteworthy attribute is bandwidth management. This is achieved through optimization of compression parameters via the Zio GUI. Sources are encodable as multiple independent streams with different compression parameters, enabling optimization for the different bandwidth needs of local and wide-area networks.

Ease of management is a hallmark of the system. The Zio interface is straightforward, allowing administrators hassle-free management and monitoring. Administrators can quickly define what users can do (i.e., rights management), including the sources, displays, and global presets with which users can interact. Functions such as adding to device groups, renaming devices, changing IP addresses, and adding searchable tags are all done through the browser-based interface. Monitoring performance is equally efficient. Administrators can monitor real-time user activity, device/system health, and network bandwidth from the one interface.

In addition to being easy to operate and manage, the system is simple to configure and install. Zio endpoints can be powered by a PoE+ switch (or any PoE+ source), so there is no need to run separate power cables.

Content distribution across multiple rooms, buildings, and geographies is a breeze. The Zio AV-over-IP system supports the full gamut of environments – LANs, WANs, and even satellite links – to cover a room, a building, or an enterprise. The possibilities for user collaboration and control are endless.

How the Zio AV-over-IP Platform Works

The Zio system ensures seamless distribution of video, audio, and control data over the IP network infrastructure.

Zio networked AV is compatible with signal sources and displays up to 4K resolution. It uses industry-standard 1G or 10G Ethernet switches, with encoders that support standard HDMI video and audio signals from media players, computers, and other sources at resolutions of up to 4K Ultra HD, and decoders that drive displays. Video, audio, and control data are converted to IP packets that can be switched and routed to any location on the network. As system requirements grow, additional endpoints can easily be added. Endpoints are designed to operate over both dedicated and shared networks and can be organized into groups to manage administrative functions and communications with other groups.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.