Deploying New ECC (Emergency Communications Center) Technology

PSAP Emergency Response

ECCs embrace new technology to improve operational performance. A significant transformation is occurring in ECCs with the convergence of video processing systems. New systems are changing ECC workflows, the way information is received, analyzed and disseminated to facilitate multiagency collaboration.

The aim is to:

  • Maximize situational awareness
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Conduct faster incident assessment and analysis
  • Improve decision making
  • Expedite resource response and deployment

The core of the ECC is the Operator Station, where the initial call is received, actionable data is assessed, tactical decisions are made, and response resources are put into action. The more comprehensive and relevant information an operator obtains increases the probability of making correct decisions. Ergonomics, efficient use of workspace, and simplified workflow differentiates the next generation Operator Station. Novel technologies can significantly improve ECC workflow. RGB Spectrum is proud to be in the forefront of a transformation of the Operator Station.

It all starts with situational awareness. Situational awareness is the ability to collate information from multiple sources in real time to present actionable insights. Enhanced situational awareness streamlines operations and provides faster, more effective response coordination and real-time management of crisis situations. Maximizing situational awareness requires visualization technologies to fully exploit field assets in real time and create a Common Operational Picture (COP).

The way in which information is combined and presented is critical. Time is of the essence as Operators extract, assess and analyze pertinent information.

ECC workflow

The ECC Operator Station process:

  • Gather and aggregate all pertinent information
  • Consolidate the information
  • Centralize this information to provide operators with a common operating picture
  • Operator assessment, analysis and comprehension of the current situation
  • Tactical decision making
  • Response execution

A ECC is a data-driven environment. The visualization technology needs to consolidate a variety of data components, including CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, surveillance cameras, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, automatic location identifier (ALI) data, Records Management Systems (RMS), automatic number identification (ANI) data, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), radio dispatch, maps, social media content, weather, traffic conditions, “person of interest” records, and more.

Visualization technology aggregates these sources to provide a centralized common operating picture for collaborative decision making, coordination and response.

ECC IP sources

RGB Spectrum offers an extensive portfolio of decision support solutions for public safety. Our KVM multiviewers offer the versatility to view and control operating assets, with video signals displayed in windows on one or more monitors. The multiviewers consolidate the visuals into a multi-window image, providing operators with a correlated view. Critical information can be curated by operators at their various control stations.

ECC desk sources

RGB Spectrum’s Integrated KVM systems consolidate multi-image display of multiple video sources, and provide unified control using a single keyboard and mouse and streamline operator workflow.

ECC Operator Station Workspace

Attention to ergonomics is critical for improving operator efficiency. It was once standard practice to have multiple monitors and control devices at the operator station to execute separate functions. But having multiple keyboards and mice creates confusion and reduces work efficiency. The goal is to remove complexity and simplify operation.

RGB Spectrum multiviewers deliver significant ergonomic benefits for ECC Operator Stations. A single, large-screen display replaces multiple displays, with all visuals and data consolidated on one screen giving the operator a correlated view with less fatigue and neck strain. Imagine the improved ergonomics achieved by replacing 8 separate displays strewn throughout the Operator Station with only 2 large-screen 4K displays centralizing all the visuals and information. The Operator Station is equipped with a smaller footprint which reduces Operator neck movement.

Integrated KVM systems, such as RGB Spectrum’s XtendPoint and QuadView®, consolidate multiple keyboards and mice with a single keyboard and mouse, providing simpler, unified control. Operator stations are uncluttered and more efficient. The result is improved situational awareness, operator wellness, reduced Operator fatigue and stress, better decision making and faster response.

Klicksimple example

RGB Spectrum’s KlickSimple navigation allows seamless control of multiple sources. A single mouse is used to select which system to control.

KlickSimple navigation provides the operator with seamless switching of control between sources by simply moving the mouse to the desired source window. The mouse position executes switching sources and taking control of its application. Wherever the mouse position is on-screen, that is the application that the Operator is now controlling.

ECC are about critical decision making in a fast-paced environment. The key to improving public safety is investing in the right technologies to enhance operational efficiencies and provide better outcomes.

ECC system diagram

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio visual solutions for a civilian, government and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Our motto: Better Decisions. Faster.