AV-over-IP Solution for Defense and Aerospace Applications

Zio for defense and aerospace

RGB Spectrum’s new Zio RT® AV-over-IP technology offers networked real-time video and audio distribution over an IP network. The system provides HD and 4K video encoding and decoding over conventional 1GB networks for defense, aerospace and military applications.

Zio RT codecs distribute any content, anywhere, providing a complete AV distribution solution. The system is fully scalable to any size deployment, from a battlefield shelter command post to a multi-building military base.

Offering the most advanced features of any codecs on the market today, Zio RT provides a choice of standards-based compression methods and parameters to optimize for the needs of any environment. Where bandwidth is sufficient, Zio RT supports all I-frame compression to achieve the highest quality and lowest latency. Signal sources and displays up to 4K resolution are supported. Zio RT also offers instantaneous seamless switching, overcoming one of the traditional limits of encoded video.

The Zio RT codec’s innovative peer-to-peer architecture maintains full 24/7 reliability, avoiding “single point of failure” vulnerability. For applications requiring the highest levels of reliability, there are redundant endpoints. An automated failover feature helps ensure continuous operation. End-to-end encrypted transmission is offered as an option.

The Zio RT codecs come packaged in a rugged, convection-cooled enclosure to stand up to the rigors of challenging environments. They offer locking HDMI connectors with loop through. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported to simplify installation. The codecs can also be custom-built for even higher environmental and shock/vibration requirements, including MIL STD 901, 810, 461, 167 and DO160D.

Zio RT is an open system. It can accommodate externally generated video streams from third party H.264/H.265 IP cameras as well as streaming content to smart phones, IPTVs or display devices.

Other advanced IP-friendly features include automatic device discovery and integrated bandwidth management. For sharing video between domains, Zio RT encoders can produce multiple video streams with differing compression parameters, allowing a signal to be optimized to meet the stringent bandwidth, frame delay and jitter challenges of WAN links while keeping the highest quality in its original domain. Fully-integrated control is provided with a powerful, intuitive GUI. An API for control by third party devices is available. Options include KVM and recording. A USB port is standard but can be removed on special order.

The Zio RT endpoints are integrated with RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall and Galileo processors for multi-screen display, i.e. video walls, as well as multiviewers.

A command center, a simulator, a mobile TOC, a vessel, a base, a city, or the world - LANs, WANs, even satellite links - a Zio RT solution is up to the challenge.

About RGB Spectrum

We design and manufacture video processing, control and display solutions for defense, aerospace, corporate, medical, government, security, education, and industrial applications. Our extensible, secure and powerful video wall processors, multiviewers and AV-over-IP systems are part of visual infrastructure around the world, but most importantly, our products empower you to make better decisions, faster.