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Better Ergonomics Means Faster Response

Improve workflow and ergonomics at your Emergency
Communications Center

Understand the Challenges

At the core of ECC facilities are operator stations. Get tips to better optimize your workspace.

A Better Solution

Understand how a KVM-over-IP solution can make your day. It’s a simple and secure system.

Collaboration is Key

With the right solution, your ECC can be a collaborativeenvironment. Learn how.
Powering Your Public Safety Emergency Communications Center Advanced Technology to Transform 911 Dispatch Centers
XtendPoint™ KVM-over-IP systems allow operators to control remote systems across a room or worldwide enterprise.
Watch RGB Spectrum's full interview with Orange County Sherrif's Department CIO Dave Fontneau.
About RGB Spectrum 

Enabling Better Decsions. Faster.

A pioneer in mission-critical visualization for real-time decision support, we provide tools for enhanced situational awareness, common operating pictures, and collaboration through the power of digital transformation. Our solutions deliver visual information from any source to any destination, from a video wall in a control room to a monitor across a campus or a cell phone anywhere in the world.

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