AV Decision Support

AV Decision Support

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  • Real-Time Data Visualization
  • Situational Awareness
  • Common Operating Picture
  • Collaboration

Our mission is to enhance visual data accessibility across an enterprise and between organizations.

A pioneer in mission-critical visualization for real-time decision support, we provide tools for enhanced situational awareness, common operating pictures, and collaboration through the power of digital transformation. Our solutions deliver visual information from any source to any destination, from a video wall in a control room, to a monitor across a campus or a cell phone anywhere in the world.

Data accessibility is critical. So is visual quality, 24/7 reliability, intuitive user interfaces and good workspace ergonomics. All play a part in ensuring that data is not only available but readily actionable.

Enhanced situational awareness starts with the collection of data from disparate sources over available networks, and then its reliable and secure dissemination, yielding a common operating picture available to all concerned parties. Collaboration may be remote or local, with persistent access to visual content including underlying applications and video resources.

We offer a modular system of decision support components and systems including an AV-over-IP platform that excels even in bandwidth-constrained environments, KVM-over-IP, recorders, desktop multiviewers, and video wall processors to meet any requirement.

Better Decisions. Faster.

F-16 Simulator Control Room

Contribute, Receive, and Display Video Anywhere

Our Zio video-over IP platform is the core of our decision support system, offering real-time, bandwidth-efficient, low latency distribution across packet-based networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs) and mobile phone networks.

Zio AV-over-IP allows sharing intelligence within a single room, throughout a campus, or across the world. It offers both signal distribution and integrated display, incorporating everything from smart phones to multiviewers and video walls.

An open standards-based platform, Zio is compatible with third-party equipment as well as RGB’s own full line of networked video appliances.

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Video Wall Processors

Allows streams to be decoded and viewed on arrays of monitors or an LED wall, any size, anywhere.

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Encoders/decoders in single or multichannel configurations accommodate multi-headed or independent computer video signals, simplifying network design and offering space savings.

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Decode visual content from multiple streams for simultaneous viewing on a high-resolution display. Multiviewers can display local and IP video in a small form factor package.

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Manage video content with features that include concurrent recording, streaming, and playback, with advanced playback control including stop, pause, forward/reverse, variable speeds, and jump to time.

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Mobile Apps

Support Android and iOS phones and tablets, allowing visuals to be pushed by a central authority to designated mobile users - with notifications -or individually pulled by users.

Distribute and display any stream, to any device, anywhere.

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Reimagining the Workspace

Attention to ergonomics is critical for operator efficiency. Operator stations are often set up with multiple monitors and control devices to execute separate functions. But multiple display and control devices create clutter and confusion and reduce work efficiency.

The objective is to remove complexity and simplify operations. Our solutions consolidate multiple keyboards and mice with a single keyboard and mouse for all applications, providing simpler, unified control. Improved ergonomics are achieved by replacing multiple single-image displays with a “single pane of glass” or a lesser number of multi-image displays.

The result is improved operational efficiency, streamlined workflow, reduced operator fatigue, and better decisions, faster.

A Typical Desktop Workspace

A Typical
Desktop Workspace

Display at the desktop includes multiple monitors, keyboards and mice controlling individual applications and data streams.

The Desktop Workspace Reimagined

The Desktop
Workspace Reimagined

The desktop with one or more multi-image displays, KVM control with a single keyboard and mouse, and a unified user interface with simple navigation.

Better User Interfaces

Using an intuitive, user-friendly interface improves operational efficiency, streamlines workflow, and reduces operator fatigue and stress.

In addition to our GUIs, we provide APIs to build custom interfaces to integrate event-driven control, external alerts, scheduling, and AI.

Simplicity by Design

RGB Spectrum’s Zio platform offers an easy user interface with live thumbnails of IP streams. Search tools make finding content quick and easy. Any number of users can control the distribution of their desired content – via PC, tablet or phone.

Drag, Drop and Go!

RGB Spectrum’s KlickSimple™ KVM navigation greatly simplifies operator interaction by providing seamless navigation. Cursor position controls switching between applications.

The combination of KVM-over IP, multi-image display, and KlickSimple navigation has the power to transform the operator’s workspace.


The large screen video wall is an unparalleled tool for collaboration, allowing multiple decision-makers to share a common operating picture.

To be effective it needs to have the flexibility and power to perform its purpose. Ours offers local, virtual, and IP inputs, and full integration with the advanced Zio AV-over-IP platform. Users can see any picture, any size, on anywhere display, with customizable presets, and advanced multi-user control.

Unified Operation at Your Fingertips

Our solutions offer seamless interoperability, redundancy, and unified control within and between operation centers. End-to-end, we provide tightly integrated system components, including video-over- IP signal distribution, multiviewer and video wall display, recording and remote KVM control, a complete system for visual signal distribution, control and management.

You provide the data. We get it where it’s needed, in real time, almost anywhere, over any network, on any display. We’re your partner in digital transformation.

Our Solutions in Action

For almost 40 years, companies and agencies around the globe have modernized their mission-critical video distribution and display with our systems.


Defense icon
  • Shipboard Video Distribution
  • Mission Planning and Rehearsal
  • UAV Ground Control Station
  • Fire Control System
  • Tactical Operation Center

Public Safety

Public Safety icon
  • 911 ECC
  • Real Time Crime Center
  • Fusion Center
  • Emergency Operations Center


Energy icon
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • SCADA Operations
  • Oil and Gas Operations


Enterprise icon
  • Network Operations Center
  • Security Operations Center
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Cyber Security Centers


Transportation icon
  • Rail Operations
  • Traffic Management Center
  • Airport Operations Center


Medical icon
  • Catheterization Lab
  • Operation Rooms
  • Patient Monitoring Stations

Everywhere critical decision-making relies on visual information.

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Better Decisions. Faster.

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