SuperView 5000 Multiviewer

At the top of RGB Spectrum’s multiviewer family, the SuperView® 5000 Multiviewer offers the power of real-time processing coupled with the flexibility of modular architecture. The multi-image processor’s versatile design enables customers to configure the input section to match the exact requirements of their video sources and applications — from analog to digital, from standard definition to high definition.

An ideal system for multi-video display, the SuperView 5000 multiviewer configures up to 12 scalable windows on a single monitor or projector screen. Input modules are available in three formats: DVI/HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI and RGB/YPbPr/HD. As is standard with all of RGB Spectrum's HD multiviewer systems, video images can be displayed anywhere on screen, in any size or aspect ratio; images can be panned and zoomed to emphasize detail. Additional features of the multi-image processor include DVI input cable equalization, input grouping, pin power for DVI outputs, and macros.

Optional features include a redundant power supply, a compact flash drive for storing background images, and RGB Spectrum’s patented SinglePoint KvM. This option builds on traditional KVM technology to enable a single user to control all source computers on the multi video display with a single keyboard and mouse.

The rack-mountable chassis of the HD multiviewer is designed for durability in even the most challenging customer environments.  From board rooms to command centers to the most demanding mission-critical applications, the SuperView 5000 multiviewer offers a state-of-the-art modular solution that delivers outstanding image quality, enhanced security and 24/7 reliability.