Opto Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher

The Opto series of fiber optic based products includes enterprise-level fiber optic matrix switchers, transmit and receive endpoints and related accessories. Signal distribution via optical fiber offers a number of advantages over copper-based transmission, including support for distances up to 40 km, secure transmission, and “no-compromise” signal quality.

Unlike competitive fiber optic matrix switchers, Opto’s 6.25 GHz transmission bandwidth ensures that signals with high pixel clock rates (up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1152) can be transmitted without the need for frame dropping or other artifact-causing compression schemes.

Five available chassis sizes allow the fiber optic matrix switch to accommodate from 48x48 to 640x640 inputs/outputs. These can be configured with any combination of available options; duplex and simplex connections as well as multimode and single mode fiber I/O cards may be mixed within a single frame. Additional I/O cards can be added to a short-loaded frame for system expansion. Controller and I/O cards, SFP modules, fan assemblies, and power supplies are all user-swappable and require no special tools for installation.

When used with Opto endpoints, the fiber optic matrix switch can accommodate a wide range of signal types. Opto endpoints convert signals between original (native) copper sources—DVI, HDMI, RGB and 3G/HD-SDI—and single mode or multimode fiber optic signals, to enable the long-distance, secure transmission of any signal over fiber optic cable. Our fiber optic matrix switchers and endpoints can also accommodate dual-link DVI, audio, and serial or network data.

The Opto fiber optic matrix switcher and endpoints can easily be configured and controlled through Opto’s Web Control Panel (WCP), an intuitive GUI which can be operated either through a computer browser or on an optional touch panel. Opto fiber optic matrix switchers also support serial and ethernet control by third-party systems.

Opto fiber optic matrix switchers offer unprecedented power and versatility to accommodate the ever-evolving requirements of complex video display systems. When integrated with MultiPoint Enterprise, RGB Spectrum's comprehensive control room management system, Opto fiber matrix switchers provide extremely powerful routing and control management solutions for even the most demanding mission-critical application.