Galileo Encoder

Galileo Encoding Provides Any Content Anywhere Capability

The flexible Galileo display processor supports analog, digital, web browser, and IP-based sources displayed in windows anywhere on the video wall. The new GO IP4K-E input/output card for the Galileo system allows the user to select any content to be encoded as an IP stream for transmission across the network. This allows operators to push content to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Galileo encoder control room

Duplicate Wall / Wall Mimic

The new encoding functionality on Galileo wall processors allows you to take the entire video wall, no matter the size, and create what’s called a “wall mimic.” The wall mimic can be sent across the network and displayed on either another video wall or a single display. Our Zio Mobile App allows you to view the wall mimic on a mobile phone or tablet.

wall mimic

Encode any Region of Interest

Additionally, the user can select any region of the video wall that interests them to encode and send across the network. Multiple areas can be setup to allow constant monitoring of any portion of the video wall.

encode any region

Encode a Baseband Input Not Displayed on the Wall

The Galileo encoding feature also allows encoding baseband sources that do not appear on the video wall. This functionality allows you to change the video wall layout without disrupting the remote viewing of important sources.

encode non-wall source