RGB Spectrum Unveils New Multiviewer Solution: The IPX Series

RGB Spectrum Unveils New Multiviewer Solution: The IPX Series

ALAMEDA, California – October 4, 2023 – RGB Spectrum®, an industry leader in mission-critical video for real-time decision support, shares new features of its QuadView® IPX and SuperView® IPX multiviewers designed to revolutionize how industries handle data visualization and decision making.

Multiviewers have become indispensable tools for consolidating diverse data sources onto a single screen, variously used for enhancing situational awareness and improving workflow efficiency. RGB Spectrum's latest offerings Increase flexibility by addressing both local and remote video sources, by their ability to access both local HDMI® and remote IP signals.

The QuadView IPX is a high-performance 4K multiviewer that allows users to display up to four video signals in customizable layouts on a single screen, aka “single pane of glass.”

The SuperView IPX offers similar capabilities, enabling users to display up to seven video signals on a single screen. It shares all the advanced features of the QuadView IPX, making it ideal for demanding mission-critical applications.

Key features:

  • 4K 60Hz input and output resolutions
  • Flexible image resizing and placement options
  • Customizable display layouts and presets
  • Four HDMI® 2.0 I/O ports
  • H.264 and H.265 decoding and display capabilities
  • Embedded architecture for heightened security
  • Multiple control options, including browser-based GUI, Telnet, and RS-232
  • TAA and BAA compliance

The QuadView IPX and SuperView IPX provide users the flexibility to mix and match input resolutions, scale any input up to 4K resolution, and route any input to any window in customizable layouts. This unparalleled flexibility makes them perfect for 24/7 operations where reliability, security, and ruggedness are paramount.

The new multiviewers are unique in their ability to display a combination of local baseband and remote IP video, with access over HDMI® and LAN/WAN connections.

RGB Spectrum manufactures these multiviewers in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.

Whether in command and control, security and surveillance, or any mission-critical operation, the QuadView IPX and SuperView IPX are poised to take data visualization to the next level. For more information, please visit https://www.rgb.com/products/multiviewers.

About RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio-visual solutions for a civilian, government, and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software, and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Since 1987, RGB Spectrum has been dedicated to helping our customers achieve Better Decisions. Faster™. Learn more at rgb.com.

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