RGB Spectrum Introduces a Powerful Video Wall Processor with Advanced Capabilities for Remote Collaboration

RGB Spectrum Introduces a Powerful Video Wall Processor with Advanced Capabilities for Remote Collaboration

ALAMEDA, California – June 1, 2022. RGB Spectrum, a leader in audio and video solutions for commercial, industrial and government customers, today announced the new Zio 4000, a full-function video wall processor with advanced networking capabilities. It is available as a stand-alone video wall solution or integrated with our enterprise-class Video-over-IP distribution platform.

The Zio 4000 enables complex visualization and enhanced situational awareness by simultaneously displaying multiple video sources onto any size video wall or even across multiple walls, with various size models supporting from 2 to 128 displays. As an open platform, users can select streams from non-proprietary sources, including cameras, computers, VTCs, and media players. The processor allows display windows scaled up to the full wall or down to a thumbnail.

For interoperability, the Zio 4000 supports both baseband video sources (HDMI®, DisplayPort, SDI) and industry-standard Video-over-IP video sources (H.264), including third party streaming devices. To help simplify control, the new Zio 4000 offers an exceptionally intuitive user-interface with thumbnail views of available inputs, customized presets and drag and drop control. The browser-based interface eliminates the need for additional software or constant maintenance.

“There are video walls and there are video walls. Ours come with a pedigree,” said Bob Marcus, CEO of RGB Spectrum. “It’s not just one factor that counts – it's all about features, interoperability, user interfaces, visual quality and reliability. As a pioneer in video wall processing for decades, we remain focused on serving our clients’ needs with innovative solutions for mission critical environments.”

The Zio 4000 is part of RGB Spectrum’s Zio Video-over-IP platform, offering next-generation technology for real-time distribution across packet-based networks, including not only local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs) but mobile phone networks. Using Zio Video-over-IP, organizations can collaborate in sharing audio and video intelligence within a single room, throughout a campus, or across the internet.

“A video wall is more than the sum of a handful of monitors,” continued Marcus. “Working closely with our valued customers, we developed the Zio 4000 for advanced video wall applications and as a platform for enterprise-wide visual collaboration. It brings the concept of a video wall processor to a new level.”

Visit RGB Spectrum's website for more information about our latest Zio 4000 video wall processor and our Zio Video-over-IP solutions.

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