Winning Formula for Sports Patrons

Providing captivating viewing of sporting events is the winning entertainment formula for Oklahoma City's popular BRiX restaurant and Sports Lounge. The contemporary BRiX is the ultimate place for patrons to eat and drink while catching exciting action from their favorite teams.

To deliver the most appealing sports bar experience, BRiX envisioned a dynamic multi-media, multi-screen concept utilizing the latest audio visual technology. BRiX utilized the audio visual technology skills of Oklahoma City integrator, Pro Presenters LLC, to implement its vision.

The project's objective was to present eye-catching HD sports content from satellite receivers to displays interspersed throughout the restaurant. Pro Presenters designed a massive 14-foot screen in the lounge to display four sporting events simultaneously and selected RGB Spectrum's QuadView® multi-image display system.

According to Steve Patrick, President of Pro Presenters, "BRiX desired a high-quality display system that gave them the multi-image, windowing functionality in a key focal point of the lounge. We specified RGB Spectrum's QuadView display processor, which we have installed in many other projects. It offers a number of benefits. It accepts multiple signal formats. Its interface is easy to use and program. It also offers unparalleled display flexibility, with limitless choices of window options. Staff can easily change content sources to accommodate customer requests."

The QuadView multiviewer receives HD feeds from four Direct TV satellite systems. Content includes local broadcast stations for viewing favorite teams in the area, national sports broadcasts, and ESPN. BRiX offers the widest variety of sports action for all enthusiasts, including baseball, football, auto racing, basketball, soccer, boxing, horse racing and major events such as World Cup soccer, the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, March Madness tournament, Indy 500, and Triple Crown horse racing. The QuadView multiviewer integrates these HD sources and outputs the combined, quad image to the ceiling-mounted Panasonic PT-DW5100U projector at its native 1280 x 768 resolution. The result is a dynamic four window display packed with sports action on a 14-foot screen.

The restaurant's Managers operate the QuadView multiviewer from a notebook computer using its built-in, web-based graphical user interface. With the simple, intuitive control, managers can change sources and chose from a number of display layouts programmed by Pro Presenters. Individual display windows can be any size, anywhere with zoom and pan capability.

Jackson Price, General Manager for the BRiX Restaurant and Sports Lounge commented, "I think its great! We've had nothing but compliments about it. We have been told this is the best place to watch sports in all of Oklahoma City. Our clients love the clarity. People are in awe of it."

The BRiX Restaurant and Sports Lounge is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. BRiX is a contemporary restaurant and sports lounge that features a large dining room, cozy lounge area, indoor/outdoor patio. BRiX presents both a fun and casual atmosphere along with a wide variety of menu items catering to families, business professionals, students and people of all ages. For more information, call 405-702-7226 or visit

Pro Presenters LLC is a full service audio, visual, and presentation systems company in Oklahoma, in business since 2002. Pro Presenters, specialists in instructional technology and home theater, offers a complete line of electronic components and products to improve communications, enhance instruction, and to entertain. For more information, call 405-364-5400 or visit

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