U.S. Army's Bradley Operations Center Vehicle Improves Battlefield Situational Awareness with Advanced Multiviewer

The Paladin Operations Center Vehicle (OCV) is a variant of the U.S. Army's Bradley fighting vehicle. BAE Systems, a global military supplier, was contracted to upgrade the Paladin Operations Center Vehicle under the M109A6 Paladin Integrated Management (PIM) program.

The PIM program goal is to design and build a next-generation command-and-control vehicle increasing situational awareness, giving commanders a more comprehensive battlefield picture for improved assessment, decision making effectiveness, and warfighting lethality. To achieve this goal, BAE Systems enhanced the Paladin PIM Command Vehicle design to provide multi-data point integrated display for commanders. BAE Systems selected RGB Spectrum's QuadView® XLRT multiviewer to provide this capability.

The QuadView XLRT multiviewer is the core component in the vehicle's display system, presenting a correlated view of real time visuals and other data. The QuadView meets the objective of integrating and displaying an extensive range of mission critical data from all available sources onto a centralized screen.

The ruggedized QuadView XLRT is designed for mobile and harsh environments, including tactical operations centers, naval and airborne consoles, and military vehicles. It incorporates a number of structural augmentations for dependable performance under severe conditions, including a stiffened enclosure, front loaded air filters, and enhanced air flow.

The QuadView multiviewer is fed a combination of computer and video signals. Video inputs include surveillance/ reconnaissance video cameras from land vehicles and UAVs. Computer sources include maps, topography, battlefield sensors, force tracking and resources databases, satellite down-linked surveillance, intelligence data, and fire control systems. The multiviewer consolidates these sources and outputs four selected images at a time to an Aydin Displays 52-inch LCD panel at 1920x1080p resolution.

The QuadView processor offers the most powerful image processing and manipulation versatility. The visuals can be depicted on the display according to the preference of each individual commander. Images are depicted in up to four-window quad arrangements or full screen. Each window can be any size, anywhere, providing a limitless combination of display configurations. Operators can select input sources, manipulate images, and choose from pre-set window display arrangements. Images can also be zoomed and panned to concentrate on a particular area of interest for commanders.

Bob Opsitos, Senior Engineer for BAE Systems and the Lead on the Paladin vehicle project, commented, "the QuadView display system delivered exactly what the U.S. Army's Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCTs) needed and asked for. It is an excellent solution for the most demanding mission critical applications where multiple visuals and data need to be presented in a unified way."

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